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Network Vision/LTE - Columbus Market

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I am only receiving 3G service in Grand View on North Star road on Northwest blvd I usually have a strong signal of all 3 variations of LTE and as I drive around testing I know the saying that the speed I'm getting is about one down when I finally get on to 4G. It seems like the power goes up-and-down on the tower because I will be able to receive it inside for a few moments and then it goes away again . I've been using signal Check pro.
Any insight
What phone are you using?

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2017 S4GRU Confirmation Report for Columbus

6 Ground Mounted Radio sites with Remote Radio Heads added

7 sites confirmed with 1x800 CDMA

119 sites upgraded to Band 25 LTE 1900 5x5 plus 2nd Carrier 10x10

38 sites upgraded to Band 25 LTE 1900 10x10

44 sites with new Band 41 LTE 2500/2600

81 Band 26 LTE 800 confirms (mostly 3x3)


2017 Band 41 Totals by Type:

Macro Sites

209 8T8R

121 Mini Macros

3 Tri Sector Split 8T8R

Small cells

6 Air Harmony 1000 (5 with directional antennas)

17 Air Harmony 4000 (2 at Sprint Stores)

4 Alpha Wireless Concealed Access Nodes (3 variants)


Looking Ahead to 2018


At the start of 2017, it looked like Sprint might inherit the nTelos Sites outside of the nTelos Market near Portsmouth (Columbus Market) plus Gallipolis, Marietta and Parkersburg (West Virginia Market).  In April 2017 an Expansion deal was signed by Shentel with Sprint for at least the nTelos sites in these areas.  We have since learned it will include the Sprint sites in these counties as well.  The Shentel sites added around Portsmouth have been removed from our sheets and maps.  The 086 sites (Samsung) will be removed as they are replaced with ALU sites around Portsmouth.  Columbus could inherit West Virginia Market remnant sites in Noble and Jackson counties.  Changing them to 086 could be low priority.

New Permits

Near the end of year we noticed a dramatic increase in permit activity.  The summaries released to the public are often scanty in details and often only represent a fraction of permit activity.  Here is what we have recorded since the start of the year that are open:

24 Network Vision sites to get Band 41 LTE 2600

6 Outstanding Small Cell permits (Band 41 LTE 2500, includes 2 billboard sites)

3 Network Vision Ground Mounted Radio sites to get Band 26 LTE 800

11 former Clear sites to get Band 25 LTE 1900 and Band 26 LTE 800

9 other sites are to have other work performed (uncertain)

Of course these permits may also not be completed.  All of us will just need to be observant for new construction.  New permits were being issued up to the last business day of 2017 and thus are expected to continue.

Forth Carrier

Band 41 LTE 2500/2600 forth carrier has also been promised for sometime in 2018.  It will generally just affect the large metropolitan areas. Third carrier is a prerequisite.

Note:  I typically provide this information earlier in the year, sorry for the delay.  This was posted in Premier on January 2 and should have been posted here two weeks later. If you become a Sponsor member by making a donation (cost of your typical lunch is recommended) you will know where the Network Vision sites are located and whether they have LTE or 1x800 and other important features.  Premier membership adds band 26 and band 41 information.  This level is the most active.  There is also honorary membership level.

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