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AT&T in Oakland causes interference, has to shut down Cellular 850 MHz


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AT&T's Cellular 850 MHz A block network in Oakland has been causing interference with public safety's newly rebanded (courtesy of Sprint) 800 MHz radio system. As a result, AT&T has temporarily shut down at least part of its Cellular 850 MHz operations in the city.




Additionally, this is what I posted at Ars Technica:


Ars' and other articles seem to indicate (but are not entirely clear) that AT&T has temporarily shut down its 2G GSM 850 airlink in Oakland but has left up its 3G W-CDMA 850 airlink. If this is correct and it has halted the public safety interference issues, then AT&T may very well be at fault. Narrowband GSM channels at various frequencies within ATT's Cellular 850 MHz A block license could be creating intermodulation products that are falling within public safety's 800 MHz spectrum.



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Chances are it might not be AT&T which is the cause of the interference, it might be the crappy radio system they bought. Harris radios aren't the best.


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