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Quiz for the Network Gurus

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So everyone needs a Guru!


zip 21774


New Market MD part of the Baltimore Tower system





Airvanna working fine.


I can not call out. ( I tried 2 numbers ) received "We cannot complete your call at this time" error when calling out.


I can However complete a call to *2


Incoming calls work fine.


What component are they replacing at my local tower? Or is it something else completely?


I put in Chat request so Sprint knows.

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You had to have an airlink connection to hear the error message or receive incoming calls. So, the cell site is fine. The problem likely is at the MSC.



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MSC = a switching device in the Land line system?


Just to narrow it down a bit more

I was able to call out to a verizon cell and my wife's phone acts the same way.

No land lines out

cell to cell ok

incoming ok


I rebooted the airvanna and phones


while the airvanna was down I could call out while roaming (triangle) on another network.


as soon as airavnna re provisioned same thing.


Comcast connection 30-34 mps down 8-9 mps up


I'm guessing it will all fix itself

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As long as your internet is still working it should be fine. I have no idea what type of landline you are calling, but the phone system could be out on that end, as you said that mobile to mobile was fine. Unless I am not understanding you correctly, it does not sound like a problem with the network. Personally I have found that BOOST phones do not work while in range of the airvana, as i suppose the PRL is not accepted by the network.

Good luck, and post back if you figure out why it was acting up.

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