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    • By vanko987
      I'm new to this forum, and I've seen people mention cell sites with specific ID's (for example, SF33XC664). Is there any significance to these ID's, and is there a way to decode them? Also, how do I figure out what the cell site ID's are for towers near me?
      Thanks! I'm excited to start talking on this site more¬†ūüėÄ
    • By lilotimz
      Samsung Network Vision equipment are highly distinct and fairly easy to spot compared to the equipment that other vendors are deploying. Sprint is Samsung's first extremely massive American contract (baring Clearwire) so there  should be no issues in confusing these equipment for another carrier which happens often with Ericsson NV equipment.

      Below are images of Samsung equipment which includes antennas, remote radio units, base stations, and their mounting configurations. 
      Samsung antenna with eSMR 800 RRU & PCS 1900 RRU

      A close look at a Samsung setup

      Next Generation Samsung Configuration
      RRH-P4 4T4R 1.9 GHz  | RRH-C4 4T4R 800 MHz| RRH-V3 2.5 GHz

      Next Generation 8 Port Dual Band Antenna Setup 
      4 port 800 MHz RRH-C4 800

      (source: dkyeager)

      (source: dkyeager)
      Narrow beam setup

      High Capacity Site with 2 Antennas & 3 RRUs (2x PCS & 1x SMR).
      Second antenna is PCS only for now.

      Canadian IBEZ (NO SMR)

      Special Case PCS Only Setup for Canadian IBEZ

      Close up of standard antenna connectors 

      Samsung Cabinets

      Powerpoint slides from Samsung / Sprint
      *disclaimer - all  powerpoint diagrams and images were found through public municipality online databases and is by no means misappropriated through malicious means*
      *Credit goes to those whom took pictures of these equipment. You know who you are*
    • By kckid
      Sprint announced at MWC trade show in Barcelona that 5G will go live with 4 cities starting in May  (Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City )
    • By ActionJacksonWX
      Sprint announced the MVNO Google Fi will use its network for 5G in a press release (that is, once there are actually 5G capable phones compatible with Google Fi someday):
      This is the first I've heard about Fi and 5G so far. Google has pretty much kept mum on the topic, so I'm somewhat encouraged.
    • By lilotimz
      Samsung TDD-LTE gear which are being utilized in Clearwire priority sites. .   Clearwire - Samsung TDD-LTE RRH SLS-BD106Q & Antennas           Samsung TD-LTE RRUs mounted behind BRS/EBS Antenna     Sprint 2500-2600 mhz TD-LTE Setup Note the Antennas are much thicker and fatter than the antennas being utilized by Sprint Network Vision.  

      Clearwire TD-LTE Base Station / Cabinet
      May be subject to change as TD-LTE sites start being integrated into the Network Vision setups.



      Happy Hunting!
        I'll clean the post up this weekend when I have more time.   Courtesy of Sbolen from Missouri market. Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD104Q1
      Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD106Q
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    • Unfortunately most Sprint devices don‚Äôt have it enabled. I had to force it to work by using my MSL to turn on all CA bands. Sprint is extremely foolish to not have figured this out sooner because most of these test was indoors where normally b25 or b26 would have been alone. Most people in Denver is not experiencing this because the devices don‚Äôt have it enabled. That‚Äôs Sprints fault. Here in Ericsson land in Florida they don‚Äôt have it enabled at towers so it‚Äôs back to the trash indoor experience. T-Mobile will hopefully get this right if they take over. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Those speeds are so great. Man, I remember back in 2015 all of us fantasizing about how awesome this would be while simultaneously lamenting that it probably wouldn't happen until like 2020 because Sprint. Here we are.¬† Glad to see someone finally "flipped the switch" on this amazing software¬†and you were¬†able to enjoy it and get great samples¬†user @Terrell352. This is what Denver needed to keep speeds up. Let's hope it spreads on the network quickly!
    • Mike, You going to be able to show 5G on the app and log anytime soon so we can go back and look at logs when we get 5G connection? ¬† Rickie
    • Yeah man b25 and b26 should not be left to fend for it self. B41 should the the secondary as much as possible. Sent from my SM-G977P using Tapatalk
    • Who is going to finance such a large merger of Dish swallowing T-Mobile?¬† I am sure that Dish will ride on New T-Mobile's network for as long as they can. But New T-Mobile will not touch AWS-4. They will host AWS-3 and 600MHZ and continue hosting 800MHz but Dish needs to pony up for AWS-4 deployment whether they do it themselves or T-Mobile hosts it. I have no problem if they never develop their own network but there is a maximum of 5 years of being an MVNO per the merger agreement, I think, but that can be changed.¬†I think that offering video on mobile devices for free if you join their network will attract the younger generation. Dish already has¬†content licenses. Lest we forget, the cable cos will be major players in the CBRS/C band spectrum. They can offload the rural/highway coverage to Verizon and use their own small cell based networks to service the rest. They can also play the video on mobile devices game since they have content agreements as well.¬†
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