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Other carriers' LTE rollout vendors...by region???

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I know Sprint is the only carrier where we have (to my knowledge) information about which vendor is handling what part of their network, but I'm curious as to whether Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have similarly regionalized their next-gen network deployments.


For reference, here's who's building out networks for the Big Four, plus C-Spire and MetroPCS (since we now who they're using to roll out LTE):


Verizon - Ericsson, AlcaLu, NSN

AT&T - Ericsson, AlcaLu

Sprint - Ericsson, AlcaLu, Samsung

T-Mobile - Ericsson, NSN

MetroPCS - Ericsson, Samsung

C-Spire - AlcaLu


AlcaLu = Alcatel-Lucent

NSN = Nokia Siemens Networks


...and yes, Ericsson is really busy rolling out LTE, it seems.

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    • The only thing you get with a TNX SIM is SA. Sprint-SIM phones still have TMo as the primary, with keep sites filling in just like they do on TNX, but non-keep sites are available as a fallback (high priority roaming, basically). Oh, and you get CDMA (including 1x800) as a fallback rather than H+/GSM until CDMA goes away. The benefit of a Sprint SIM will decrease over time, but for non-5G there's still a benefit. You want TNX basically for SA (if you wind up in areas where n71 can reach but B2/66 can't) and NR CA at some point where you can get n71 and n41. That's...basically it.
    • I've found a couple more recently tagged Sprint keep sites that are really close to existing T-Mobile sites. It'll be interesting to see when these get converted if they get everything or mid-band frequencies only. 
    • I would caution against making that statement for everywhere. Personally I switched my line from Sprint to T-Mobile right after the merger completed and even then it was already a better experience and has only gotten better since. Also keep in mind that T-Mobile will continue to take from the Sprint network and redeploy on its network. Here they've already trimmed both Sprint's B41 and B25 spectrum. This will vary city to city though, but even if Sprint is still the better of the two networks now it's only a matter of time before that changes. 
    • The iphones i believe will support VoLTE once they have the TNX sim.    As for getting an s21. Since it is a 5g device it will use the T-Mobile network primarily even on a sprint sim. The sprint sim will connect to non keep sites if needed. I would personally try to stay on a sprint sim on that device unless standalone 5g is important to you.
    • It belongs to ConEd for "smart" electric meter reading.
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