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Galaxy S3 LTE apps in System folder....

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I started a post on xda-developers about our issue linking to Robert's article on the connection/threshold issue.


A developer on there pointed me to two apps in the system/app folder:





In order to actually get to what activities they use you have to install a 3rd party launcher like Launcher Pro then hold down on the home screen: shortcut>>activites>> scroll and find the two apps and put a short cut on your home screen for each activity listed under each app. I played around with the apps a little, but I am afraid of really borking up my phone, so anyone that has an S3 that is more knowledgeable in this stuff want to give it a try please tell us if anything is useful in getting the thresholds turned down. I will list the activities you can do which each app:



1)LTE Functionality test

2)LTE Test



1)LTE Test Mode

2)Test Mode Setting


Hope this helps.

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Nice work, troy96. Now we just need some brave souls in an LTE market to follow through: Document the menu choices and default values, tweak a setting if you understand it and think it would help, then test that hypothesis in an area with known live LTE towers. Hopefully you pilgrims will sort this out before I have to pull the trigger and buy that SG3. :)

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