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iSpot from Clear now being bricked


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As detailed in the 2 articles linked below, Clear has now decided to brick the infamous iSpot. For those who still keep theirs active, no need to worry, you remain grandfathered on the $25/mo unlimited plan. This is the first part in the WiMax wind down as Clear is now preparing to replace the now antiquated WiMax network and replace it with the much more viable and more readily available LTE technology. I'm glad that I still have my friends iSpot service, as it is nice to have the 4G since my Evo Shift has a terrible 4G radio indoors.






So if you have an iSpot, keep it going until the end of WiMax, and if you have one on vacation/suspension, reactivate it before February 10th, or it will be a white, shiny paperweight.

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Uh, was there something else that was supposed to be added to your reply? Cause all I see is your signature line.


I didn't respond. I think I started to but I dozed off and dropped my phone. :lol:


That's his Gangsta reply. LOL.


The Android Strikes Back 4G


Yeah, boyz! Fo schnizel!


His iSpot bricked halfway through sending the message


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