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LTE Performance Once at Normal Capacity

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I have been surprised by how good the speed reports that people have been posting are, but I am curious as to what we can expect in terms of speeds once the network is actually under everyday loads... also, in areas with high traffic, is Sprint planning on limiting the bandwidth available to each user?


Thanks for your insight!



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Sprint is advertising their LTE speeds at 6-8Mbps. Kind of like Verizon. There is so much variability in determining throughout speeds, that its not really a question that can be answered. LTE is very signal strength dependent. So it really depends on where you are in a LTE cell.


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I'm not sure what speeds would really be like after people start getting on the network, but the 6-8Mbps sounds pretty reasonable. With considering the fact that more cells will come on overtime, NV's cell density, and Sprint's fairly high smartphone adoption rate compared to other carriers, everything should even out over the next year or so.

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