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1894 kbps in Circle Pines MN


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What would cause this higher than normal speeds?


A really big network band-aid. Is the site you connected to shown at network.sprint.com?



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That's pretty solid. Here is mine granted it's at 4 in the morning but still never have seen these kind of speeds.




That was Brooklyn Park/Champlin border. I will say this phone seems to have a much better 3G radio then my 3D did. Even at 4 in the morning my 3D got no where close to 2+ I was lucky to get 1+.


Put my phone up against a family members verizon phone on the 4th in Maple Grove. Sprint's network was actually faster which I was shocked. Granted it wasn't LTE obviously I would get smoked. The network is getting better, I just can't wait for LTE I don't really care about peak speeds that much.Just want to it not lag out when the network is busy.

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