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HTC earnings fall, admits poor choices in phone design & engineering.


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You can see several reports on HTC's 4th quarter ernings failing to meet analysts expectations. HTC admits it made mistakes and is reformulating its mix and expects to turn things around during its next product cycle. Do you think HTC can pull it off?




HTC admits its bulky, quick-dying LTE phones kinda suck


After a long streak of skyrocketing earnings, HTC's climb towards the stars seems to have stalled. Q4 was not kind to the company and CFO Winston Yung thinks he knows the reason why. During the today's earnings call Yung admitted that HTC "dropped the ball" with its selection of LTE devices. He conceded that the bulky handsets simply failed on a design and spec level -- especially when it came to battery life -- and were not selling nearly as well as expected. Unsurprisingly, the company promises to turn its fortunes around with the next product cycle, which is rumored to kick off at MWC with the Ville.

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I couldn't agree more. HTC used yo be the best. But they are getting left behind. Their new prototypes look great, though.


So if they can get their new stuff to marker quickly, with ICS and get competitive to Samsung, then HTC can pull out of the dive no problem.


If they continue in the death spiral just throwing their hands in the air, then they will be just like RIM. Just wondering how much longer until they hit water. :(


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