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    • By Abyss19707
      I was in the zip codes of 33993 and 33991 today and did some speed tests on speedtest.net
      I got speeds of about .8 Mbps with peek rates of 1 Mbps. I tried to upload pictures but the uploader said files were to large but even though they were below the maximum file size
    • By Bulls729
      Specifically Metro West area, seeing some really good EVDO numbers. 2.00+ down ~0.6-1.1 up. Sitting at home.
      Tower info: Operator 310 05116 NID: 27 BID: 4419 Signal: -88dBm

      Current phone: HTC EVO 4G LTE, PRI 2.45_003, BB, PRL 12124 MeanROM 3.0
    • By Fifth313ment
      I've been following the network.sprint.com site and just in the past year in South Florida there have been over 700+ upgrades to towers in my area (Miami/Fort Lauderdale) with another like 400+ planned! I've been taking screen grabs and adding them up. I know we are on the second tier LTE launch list but could they be doing the upgrades now? I mean I have noticed the speed on my 3G shoot up from unbearable to quite fast in the past 6 months or so. Also the speed of 3G on my new EVO LTE is about double+ of that on my OG EVO! So are these just a lot of 3G upgrades, normal maintenance, Network Vision or new LTE cabinets? When I choose other cities from the drop-down list they have a quarter of the updates that the towers in my area are getting except for say New York, lol. I've tried 4G LTE on my new EVO LTE with no luck. I remember that before the 4G Wimax launch down here in some areas I could get Wimax on one or two towers in certain locations so I thought they might test like last time. Thanks for any answers in advance.
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    • I've went ahead and yesterday built a rough draft of the application I was talking about. It allows you to edit rows (single site records) with a GUI that then updates a map. You can also use SQL to edit records. The program additionally allows you to manage several maps in one place. Using it feels very similar to using fusiontables. I've PMed a link to @S4GRU and am awaiting feedback.  I would share a demo here, but the map I'm using for testing has information for ~1000 Sprint sites which I don't think I can post outside the sponsor forum. 
    • Bubble Tape It's six feet of bubble gum, for you!  Not them! In this case, I guess it's 10...
    • So about a day into having this T-mo home internet running. I wanted to give it time to acclimate a connection in the incorrect zip code and allow any network controls to kick in. Since no one listened the first time when I mentioned these have no active GPS track I'll just put the results below from a zip code in the beautiful southeast, when it should be operating in the frozen tundra'd expanse far north of here. Just waiting for an irritable text from T-Mobile saying to place it near a window so it can connect to the correct cell 750 miles away . . .   Here is a speedtest connected to the old home site, the UI does not give much for radio information. Here is an obligatory test from my champion tier build on the same site. So far so good. I will tear it apart, swap sims, hang this thing on some better antenna and poast results as time allows and the week's progress concludes. Have a great Sunday everyone and stay free out there! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    • Step one on an amazing journey. This is the content we come here for. Also, you can use any image hosting site to share. When making a high quality poast just share the direct link to the image and it will auto fill. They come from elaborate to simple. I use magaimg.net since it is an easy fileshare, more normie friendly sites like the imgur app or http://imgs.fyi/ work just as well.
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