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Network Vision/LTE - West Washington Market (Seattle/Puget Sound Region)

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Also, not sure if I noticed this before or not but the Sprint Tower at the north intersection of I405 and I5 (by Target) is labeled as a keep tower. I guess Tmobile wants to get off that power pylon.

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Found 3x3 B26 live in Puyallup tonight! It's happening!   Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk

Woke up this morning to "No Service" or 1 bar on Sprint/Verizon 1x at the top of my iPhone so I drove out to my home Clear site and found a crew upgrading it to mini macros! Talked to the guy in charg

Few quick updates on the Seattle market: Verizon B5/B26 MFBI is now live in Seattle. Verizon is also replacing all of the antennas on many of their sites with new MIMO (and possibly NR-ca

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On 5/6/2021 at 6:02 PM, PedroDaGr8 said:

Also, not sure if I noticed this before or not but the Sprint Tower at the north intersection of I405 and I5 (by Target) is labeled as a keep tower. I guess Tmobile wants to get off that power pylon.

Good - that site has given them way too many upgrade issues. SnoPUD wouldn't even let T-Mobile climb the tower; they insisted on taking T-Mobile's plans and doing the upgrade themselves.

On 5/5/2021 at 9:10 AM, PedroDaGr8 said:

Kingsgate still isn't live yet as of yesterday afternoon. There were some staff working on it at the ground level though. 

Interesting - I'm back in town so I'll stop by this week sometime. 

On 5/5/2021 at 9:10 AM, PedroDaGr8 said:

EDIT: Add one more for the conversion of the Woodinville Slough Sprint Site.

That's a great add. 

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14 hours ago, RAvirani said:

Interesting - I'm back in town so I'll stop by this week sometime. 

Just checked again this morning. Apparently they finished it off yesterday or the day before.  The drunken panels are gone and B41/n41 is live.


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B25 just got cut again down to just the 5MHz G-Block. I'm curious what that is in preparation for. 

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4 hours ago, PedroDaGr8 said:

B25 just got cut again down to just the 5MHz G-Block. I'm curious what that is in preparation for. 

Is that across the Seattle market?

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10 hours ago, RAvirani said:

Is that across the Seattle market?

Not sure about all of Seattle but 100% of the eastside sites I have encountered so far. 

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On 6/4/2021 at 6:18 PM, RAvirani said:

Note: I'm beginning to suspect they deprecated Sprints 2660 MHz B41 carrier on around June 1st. Based on my logs I have only seen Sprints 2680 Mhz and no CA since that point. 

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1 hour ago, PedroDaGr8 said:

Note: I'm beginning to suspect they deprecated Sprints 2660 MHz B41 carrier on around June 1st. Based on my logs I have only seen Sprints 2680 Mhz and no CA since that point. 

You're probably right - I remember hearing that Sprint L2500 was going to be trimmed down to a single carrier a few weeks back. 

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    • By lilotimz
      Samsung Network Vision equipment are highly distinct and fairly easy to spot compared to the equipment that other vendors are deploying. Sprint is Samsung's first extremely massive American contract (baring Clearwire) so there  should be no issues in confusing these equipment for another carrier which happens often with Ericsson NV equipment.

      Below are images of Samsung equipment which includes antennas, remote radio units, base stations, and their mounting configurations. 
      Samsung antenna with eSMR 800 RRU & PCS 1900 RRU

      A close look at a Samsung setup

      Next Generation Samsung Configuration
      RRH-P4 4T4R 1.9 GHz  | RRH-C4 4T4R 800 MHz| RRH-V3 2.5 GHz

      Next Generation 8 Port Dual Band Antenna Setup 
      4 port 800 MHz RRH-C4 800

      (source: dkyeager)

      (source: dkyeager)
      Narrow beam setup

      High Capacity Site with 2 Antennas & 3 RRUs (2x PCS & 1x SMR).
      Second antenna is PCS only for now.

      Canadian IBEZ (NO SMR)

      Special Case PCS Only Setup for Canadian IBEZ

      Close up of standard antenna connectors 

      Samsung Cabinets

      Powerpoint slides from Samsung / Sprint
      *disclaimer - all  powerpoint diagrams and images were found through public municipality online databases and is by no means misappropriated through malicious means*
      *Credit goes to those whom took pictures of these equipment. You know who you are*
    • By pyroscott
      Sprint Nextel revealed their second quarter 2012 corporate earnings in a conference call to their investors today and S4GRU was covering for news on Network Vision.
      Network thinning of the iDEN network is complete, taking 1/3 of Nextel towers off air. The Nextel network was built to support 20 million subscribers, but was only supporting 4.4 million subscribers, so it could easily be thinned without [much] noticeable change in street coverage. Sprint also converted 60% of the Nextel subscriber loss into their Sprint subscriber base. Interestingly, they stated that Verizon has been the biggest poacher of subscribers leaving Nextel, grabbing 50% of former subscribers in the last 4 1/2 years. In that same timeframe, Sprint has grabbed 25%, AT&T 20% and T-Mobile 5%.
      On the Network Vision topic:
      4 additional cities will launch, including Baltimore, by the end of August.*Edit* Cities were disclosed VIA press release following the conference call. They are:
      Baltimore, MD Gainesville, GA Manhattan/Junction City, KS Sherman-Denison, TX  
      Over 2,000 sites are currently online with 12,000 sites to be online by the end of the year
      Network Vision towers are seeing 10-20% additional voice minutes usage per tower, overnight after activating Network Vision. This will equal roaming savings for Sprint, and ESMR will only increase that savings.
      CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that Sprint will be releasing the Motorola Photon Q "in the very near future." It will be a QWERTY slider "with robust business and consumer features." It will also be sporting world phone capability.
      Several hundred Network Vision sites are waiting for backhaul, and will turn on when the backhaul is installed, several hundred more sites have birds nesting on them and Sprint won't be able to turn them on until the birds leave, according to the conference call.
      Sprint sold 1.5 million iPhones during the quarter, even though other carriers saw slowing of sales with rumors ramping up that the new iPhone would support LTE. 40% of the iPhone sales were to new customers. They also stated that iPhone customers require less customer support and are expected to churn less than customers on other phones.
      Mr. Hesse confirmed that Sprint is not looking to change plans in the near future.
      Things are looking up for Sprint. This quarter saw their highest ARPU and their lowest churn rate to date. They posted a larger loss than Q1, but beat their revenue goals for Q2. For more detailed financial information, check the source link below.
      Source: http://investors.spr...spx?iid=4057219
      http://finance.yahoo...-141200985.html -Thanks to S4GRU sponsor marioc21 for finding this link!
    • By lilotimz
      Here are the Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) Network Vision equipment for Sprint. Their equipment consists of 2x base stations, 6 or 9 Remote Radio Unit (RRU) setups, and 1 standard NV antenna of with connectors on the bottom (4x PCS, 2x SMR). 

      Below are images of Alcatel-Lucent equipment. In these images, you will find Alcatel-Lucent base stations, Sprint Network Vision antennas, PCS 1900 & SMR 800 RRUs, and their configurations.
      Alcatel-Lucent 4x40w 25 MHz PCS 1900 B25 RRUs (Panasonic) [old]

      Alcatel-Lucent  4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU 

      ALU 2x50w B26 800 MHz RRU [KMW Communications]

      Older Panasonic Setup [4x40w 25 MHz B25]

      Standard Alcatel-Lucent Setup 
      Utilizes 2x50w 800 MHz B26 RRU and 4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU and compatible antennas. 

      Closer Look at the connectors on the bottom of the antennas

      Special Case Mexican IBEZ Setup
      Note the lack of 800 MHz RRUs though the antennas are capable of 800 MHz. 

      High Capacity Setup

      High Capacity no SMR 800 IBEZ setup

      * Credits go to those whom took the images of these equipment. You know who you are."
    • By Febby
      I notice a lot of post regarding the markets in IL,FL,TX,PA,NYC.... but how about about the Los Angeles market? I THINK it was samsung doing the set up for the L.A market? Not sure though.... I'm not a sponsor member of the site so I can't really check... if I had a job I'd most definitely donate!
      Couple of months ago the local towers were all down and being upgraded to NV I assume since Larry from Howard forums said there was NV work being done my zip code. The speeds were better for a bit but now they are awful again.
      Can anyone (most preferred Robert) make a comment on if there is any LTE activity near 90255 area code?
      Thanks, great site by the way... I'm a Lurker.
    • By EntrepreneurKid
      I'm here looking for answers to a simple question. Where is this mystery Sprint signal coming from? For the past few weeks I've received a signal on multiple Sprint devices, two Sprint devices with roaming turned off, and two Virgin Mobile phones and Virgin Mobile phones can't roam, the other rate plans might be able but I'm talk about Virgin Mobile devices from before they introduced all those other plans. What I'm making clear is these devices have to be picking up a Sprint signal, plus I've downloaded the SignalCheck Pro app which has indicated two different signals 1XRTT and 1X800. 
      The signal only last for about 8 hours each morning and begins coming in and out towards the end of each morning. I try making a call and it fails, and it doesn't get any data at all. I try each device and they all do the same thing they have a signal and very strong signal with no data, and voice doesn't go threw, I haven't tried sending a text figured no data, no voice then there must be no text.
      I read about some "projects"  that Sprint has going on Project Ocean and Project Cedar. Since Project Ocean is suppose to be taking place in Missouri and I live so close to the Iowa, Missouri line, I figured if there is a tower going up maybe it is possible I'm getting a signal from it, in the early stages. I really don't know what is going on, if Sprint is launching service, putting up new towers and that signal finally comes, and stays, and works. I'll be back full time on the Sprint ban wagon. Unfortunately, I live in an area not served by (according to experience and coverage map) Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Not even the two Iowa carriers i Wireless or Chat Mobility serve my area, go 10, 15 or 20 miles in any direction your good, here, wireless dead zone, no choice of carriers. And if Sprint puts a tower here if I finally get an answer and learn that signal will soon come and stay and work I'll finally have a choice.
      So if anyone has any ideas, has experienced this in other parts of the country or has any idea what could be going on please say. Any information is better than not knowing, and together maybe this will be answered.
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    • Good point. You could try submitting a report to @NevilleRay or @TMobileHelp about the congestion on the nearby macro sites?
    • Sure, but it didn't matter how Sprint's 800 MHz was down there, since we have 1900 MHz LTE on the DAS.  I'd rather my T-Mobile iPhone used the Sprint Legacy 1900 MHz LTE signal that's available down there than the 600 MHz 5G/LTE macro network, which is congested as we share it with a major transit hub in the area.  My phone will hop over to the Sprint signal when it loses the T-Mobile signal entirely, but it's a hard transition to "Roaming," not seamless like the Sprint "keep" sites are around here.
    • It's still got to be better than Sprint's 800 MHz was, right? 🙂 At some point that DAS will have to be accounted for by the T-Mobile Network Folks. It's probably on some list somewhere with a plan to either upgrade it or shut it down.
    • I wish these network testing and speed testing organizations would hit the providers with a big negative for areas with unusable or very slow coverage.  The difference between 1mb/s and 1,000mb/s in download speed or between 3g/4g/LTE/5g/etc. doesn't matter very much to most people who are not using their mobile device as a hotspot or casting to another screen.  The difference between no service and 1mb/s is very important to all users in all areas and its importance should be taken into account on these tests.  Upload speed should always be a minimum of 5% of the download speed for the download speed to be counted as useful.
    • I just wrote about this over in the Northern Jersey thread. I drove along I-80 from NYC out to Mt. Arlington, NJ and lost 5G coverage once and for less than a mile. It's only a 50-60 mile trip but it drives you through some pretty hilly/mountainous areas so I was surprised to see T-Mobile maintain 5G for virtually the entire ride.
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