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Phone provisioning


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so i wake up turn on my phone and it started provisioning itself. it did preparing the network OK, checking your PRL OK, and all that. Any ideas why it would do that. the phone has been active since day one.

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Yesterday on a whim I decided to manually check for updates and I received a PRL update and a profile update. Perhaps those updates were getting pushed out to your phone.

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Did you try cycling your data off and then back on manually? Also try going from LTE/CDMA to CDMA only and see what happens. There is always the old stand by of rebooting the device.

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yes i did all that. so i went to the sprint store and they tried everything. He had to do a factory reset it's working now. one other thing i went in to the DEBUG screen and know i have more options then i had yesterday. i only had three choices yesterday now i have seven.

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Well I'm glad it's working for you. This is the life of an early adopter. I don't usually do it with most technology but I bought both of my Evos on launch day. I didn't regret it with the OG and I hope not to regret it with this one.

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    • Okay.  I just pulled the Location permission with the app running, and I think it may have closed and immediately reopened.  But I got a notification telling me that "Permission required" while the app itself just said "Waiting for update.." with a spinning circle.  Once I tapped on the "Permission required" notification, it popped up asking for location permission which I then granted. - Trip
    • Thanks! There have been some recent changes to Android permissions requirements that were not documented very well and caused a tremendous amount of problems, especially for users who recently updated to Android 14. Thankfully I have some decent monitoring and diagnostics in place so I was eventually able to figure out what was going on. I'm basically looking for testers to mess around with revoking/denying/granting permissions to make sure the app doesn't crash and the workflow/warnings are reasonably clear. I do know that if you revoke/grant permissions while the app is in use, the app sometimes requires a restart (or at least as swipe out and back in) to get the proper prompting, but it's difficult to control 100% of the scenarios with the amount of background work SCP does with methods that require special permission.
    • So I revoked the permissions before doing the update on my S21FE (Android 12) and when I reopened, it asked me for the permissions, which I granted.  No crashes, all went smoothly.  Is that what you wanted?  If so, I can repeat on a few of my other post-10 devices.  If not, let me know what to do differently. - Trip
    • A new SignalCheck beta release is rolling out now.. this includes several bugfixes, notably issues on Android 10+ devices when Location permission was not granted, and on Android 14 devices when "Allow all the time" Location permission was not granted but the app was configured to launch at device boot. Please test this version by temporarily revoking permissions for SCP and ensure the app does not crash -- it will not work very well due to Android security requirements, but that's the point..
    • Article from October 2022: https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/stadium/allegiant-stadiums-wireless-connectivity-to-get-boost-before-super-bowl-2652035/
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