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Greetings from Cleveland!


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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. I'm on Verizon right now, but I'm thinking of switching due to the new price gouging scheme - I mean shared data. Anyway, just in my time lurking I've learned so much about network technology. I still am puzzled as to what exactly a carrier is, but I'll learn eventually I suppose (I know it has to do with the spectum, like 5x5 or 3x3). From what I've gleaned, Cleveland looks to be a round 3 market, but the towers around my house are all getting the bandaid updates, and I have friends that are generally pleased with the service. Now to look into switching and getting my Galaxy S3 :)


Sorry for ripping the thread title from the guy below me :P Name on Android Central is VetteDude if you ever run into me, I hang out in the Fascinate forum and the Galaxy S3 forum, as well as the Verizon forum.

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Sprint=Best Carrier Ever!!!

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Learning a lot too (also in CLE)! Very much want to leave AT&Tea.. but my partner's business relies on reliable voice quality and semi-fast data. Cautiously optimistic Sprint can fit the bill!




Sprint 3G isn't too bad in this market, I regularly get about 0.30mbit/s at peak and 1.5mbit/s off peak which is more than enough for streaming audio with something like XiiaLive (shoutcast) and YouTube videos. I would hold off until network vision though because the main problem with this market is back haul not spectrum.

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    • 431.39 MB July security update now downloading on S24+ unlocked. 
    • https://www.androidauthority.com/t-mobile-sales-tactics-employee-interview-3460125/   From the "Uncarrier" to Carrier....
    • Another SCP beta is rolling out now, with some bugfixes as usual but also some fun new options to test: Non-standalone 5G-NR cells can now display Site Notes. This feature works in the same manner as how neighbor cell notes are displayed, requiring a PCI and your device's location. This option is enabled by default. As is the case with neighbor cell notes, you cannot edit NSA site notes directly unless there is an NCI being reported (which I have never seen); it uses the previously recorded standalone log entries. Like neighbor notes, if a cell has been previously logged but there is no note, you will see the distance information only.   Logging cells that are not reporting a valid PLMN is now possible. This option is disabled by default, but if you enable it along with two other options (log sites with missing GCI/NCI and to log sites with missing TAC), you should begin logging most NSA 5G-NR cells. A PCI is needed at a minimum, which is not always reported depending on your device and network factors. ("Sites" will be renamed to "cells" on the Preferences menu in the next update.)   Users can enable an option to display LTE cells above 5G-NR cells in the app if they choose to do so. This option is disabled by default. Should help improve the readability of your screen if you have NSA 5G-NR cells constantly appearing/disappearing. Please give these options a try and let me know if you notice any issues.. thanks!
    • Not yet. We probably won't see one submitted until construction on the new building is substantially complete. 
    • Yes, that is where the site used to be. All the antennas were removed. I hope they add a new site soon. Have any permits been submitted for a new site?
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