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Greetings from Cleveland!


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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. I'm on Verizon right now, but I'm thinking of switching due to the new price gouging scheme - I mean shared data. Anyway, just in my time lurking I've learned so much about network technology. I still am puzzled as to what exactly a carrier is, but I'll learn eventually I suppose (I know it has to do with the spectum, like 5x5 or 3x3). From what I've gleaned, Cleveland looks to be a round 3 market, but the towers around my house are all getting the bandaid updates, and I have friends that are generally pleased with the service. Now to look into switching and getting my Galaxy S3 :)


Sorry for ripping the thread title from the guy below me :P Name on Android Central is VetteDude if you ever run into me, I hang out in the Fascinate forum and the Galaxy S3 forum, as well as the Verizon forum.

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Sprint=Best Carrier Ever!!!

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Learning a lot too (also in CLE)! Very much want to leave AT&Tea.. but my partner's business relies on reliable voice quality and semi-fast data. Cautiously optimistic Sprint can fit the bill!




Sprint 3G isn't too bad in this market, I regularly get about 0.30mbit/s at peak and 1.5mbit/s off peak which is more than enough for streaming audio with something like XiiaLive (shoutcast) and YouTube videos. I would hold off until network vision though because the main problem with this market is back haul not spectrum.

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    • ...and I just this morning realized you meant Cumberland, MD.  It threw me because there's an Ashby in Cumberland County, VA, which I'm far more familiar with. - Trip
    • I don't have anything solid to offer on Cumberland, but I came down US-15 today and the water tower site in Weber City is now up and running with B2/12/4/71 (035ACCxx), I believe I saw new T-Mobile antennas on the tower at Sprouses Corner which I will try to confirm on Saturday (definitely not running if they're there), and I believe I may have connected to something that got converted in Farmville.  By process of elimination, my guess is Lancer Park, but I hope to find out tomorrow or Saturday. So upgrades are clearly coming.  You may want to see if your local government officials can tell you anything.  Probably not, but can't hurt to ask. - Trip
    • Interesting twist.  Today, I took off for southern Virginia and had my T-Mobile B71 phone (Revvlry on Android 10) and I noticed the GPS was bad as compared to my other two devices on SCP on the dash.  Couldn't get it to clear by toggling the Location Services box, so I quit and restarted SCP. When I did so, it first came up with the bad coordinates, then extremely rapidly zipped through from where it was stuck all the way up to where I was currently, like the coordinates were backlogged and then suddenly flushed out within a few short seconds.  More bizarrely, I noticed the same behavior on two other devices (Pixel 3a and Moto One 5G Ace, both on Android 11) and had to do the same thing to those.  I also dumped my trails on all three, assuming they were all bad by then.  The rest of my devices were correct. I was barreling down the highway at the time, so I couldn't investigate further.  Other than my quoted message above, I've never seen this behavior before, and now it seems to be widespread.  - Trip
    • Does anyone have any updates to the Cumberland/Mineral County area? Specifically looking to get TMHI in Ft. Ashby.
    • Actually, you are correct. It is possible Dish won't take it. Meanwhile both Dish and T-Mobile pretend they don't want it for negotiation purposes.
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