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My phone actually offends me!


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To me, being someone who uses this this function quite often due to hearing impairment in one ear, it really bothers me that one must go into accessibility settings to adjust volume left/ right balance. It would make much more sense just to put it in the sound settings page. Just some thoughts I wanted to throw out there to see if I was alone in this matter. Does anyone else find it offensive that in order to adjust the volume balance, one must go into accessibility settings?

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I would only be offended if the intention was meant to offend me. It might be a pita to adjust, but "I" am most certain that this is not an offense. Remember you are in the minority for this situation, and I am sure this was never done to offend you or anyone. lol

So if this irritates you maybe you might want to send a note about this issue for the hearing impaired to make some good out of this!

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