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Requests for Information from S4GRU


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To all:


As many of you see, the popularity of the forum has really taken off. And even with over 1,500 members now, we have still been able to maintain the feeling of a small cozy community where we all pretty much know each other.


However, one trend is really starting to take a toll. I am being bombarded with specific NV site questions. Via PM and forum posts. I don't mind, to some extent.


But I do want to explain that it will be difficult to honor all requests. For instance, I pretty much can only look up this information if I am at my home office computer or work computer. Well, only about 30% of my S4GRU use is from those computers. A majority of reading posts and PM's is on my phone or tablet.


Often, by the time I can look up something for a member, those forum posts/PM's are long forgotten and replaced by a dozen new requests for info. There is just no easy way for me to track it, and it is a huge burden. And in many instances, the new schedule update article series will answer many questions.


I ask you for your patience. If I do not respond to your question regarding specific tower info, it's probably because I couldn't get the info when I came across your request. Posts and PM's get buried and I may never see them again. If I don't respond in 2 to 3 days, then rethink your request. If it is something important, resubmit it. But I would recommend reasking kindly. :)


Although I hate to encourage you all to fill my PM box, you are more likely to get a response there for info than in thread posts. Thank you for your understanding.


Robert via Galaxy Nexus using Forum Runner

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LMAO AJ. When is a S4GRU fan going to make a video to this effect?


If I recall correctly, the guy who made the infamous Britney Spears YouTube clip is from Tennessee. I wonder, might there be a special S4GRU fan from Tennessee who could make a similarly impassioned fan video...





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Is LogMeIn easy to use?


No remote pc viewer is really easy to use on a phone or tablet. It's just downright painful to dig through a bunch of excel spreadsheets.


Sent from my C64 w/Epyx FastLoad cartridge

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Frankly, it's amazing that you have the time to answer as many site-specific questions that you do. I always have a bunch of silly questions that I would love to bombard you with, but I try to be respectful of your time.

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No remote pc viewer is really easy to use on a phone or tablet. It's just downright painful to dig through a bunch of excel spreadsheets.


Sent from my C64 w/Epyx FastLoad cartridge


I currently use TeamViewer.

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    • I see it as more of an economic calculation.  Basically go after the areas where they have the best odds of retaining or attracting customers versus their MVNO arrangements. The quicker they can switch back and forth between 5g and MVNOs the finer grained this decision zone can be.  Field results will beat theory.  In Sprint days this was up to 15 minutes in theory. In practice AT&T could be quite sticky.  I remember driving by 3 Sprint sites while still stuck on AT&T roaming. Dish will need to do better to thrive. Both their MVNO arrangements reportedly now cost them about $1.50 per GB. With volume that may fall to $1.
    • Man I wish I could get on their beta right now.  Looks like I'll have to wait until Dec or so.  The report is not surprising really.  Largely only have employees roaming around running tests and what not.  I am sure lots of testing is needed to iron out bugs, fix things.  Though a lot of it might be denser network.  Only so much you can do and money is spread out very thin when you have such a large target to hit. 
    • Found some AT&T c band live in Cincinnati today. Not too bad considering I was driving past on the interstate at speed.  
    • Hey Mike, a couple other things you might be able to post for S22Ultra owners, In particular, these deal with the *#0011# menu. The following are true for even the June update:   1. Does not show the second n41 carrier (when it is connected) on LTE+NSA. It shows "NR_NumCC:2" but no additional Carrier. It simply states "CA-Not Config 0 0"This works fine on the S21.  2. There is a line that states "Code Review Required" 3. There is a line that states "Unknown 0"    
    • The see Dish as the Beta network for a while. Basically once they have secured their licenses and have inexpensive phones that utilize all their bands I hope to see them reduce the edge space of their network or improve the transfer performance so customers have more of an invisible handoff experience. This will likely be late 2023. 
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