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I can't wait to see the rumored nexus 7.7 tablet with a 7.7 inch screen hopefully announced at Google I/O this year. I really wished that Google just came out with a Nexus 8 with a 8.0 inch screen because I think its just the perfect size for a tablet that is not too heavy and not too small in screen size. After seeing the iPad Mini and how light and easy it is to fit in some jacket pockets, I can see why they can become real popular.

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Even though I already have a Nexus 7, if a 1920 x 1200, 2GB RAM Nexus 7.7 comes in at $250 or less, I will bite.




Me too.


Robert via Nexus 7 with Tapatalk HD

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I know this is an old topic. My Nexus 7 1st gen has quit charging using the OEM charger and USB cable. They will work on my phone so I know they are not the problem. Following internet suggestions I replaced the USB port on the unit with a brand new port and ribbon cable for the audio jack also. It will still not charge using any charger or cable. Anyone have any ideas on what else to check as to the problem? The Nexus still powers on fine but battery is now at 18%.  :(

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