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This is the forum section where we discuss current and upcoming Apple smartphones of interest to S4GRU members.

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    • A ton of them are from Extenet which afaik is Verizon's primary small cell partner here. I also see a bunch for Mobilitie which was Sprint's primary partner and Crown Castle which is T-Mobile's primary partner. I wonder if T-Mobile plans on contracting both for small cells going forward. If so, that's a lot of combined potential small cells, though still less than Extenet. By far the least are New Cingular which is likely AT&T. The wildcard is Transit Wireless who seems to be branching out of the subway system and is deploying quite a few new sites.
    • NYC DOITT database was updated about a month ago. Imported all the new oDAS node locations into my map. Haven't yet spotted anything with the new design in my travels through Williamsburg & Bushwick. Almost 1400 newly proposed nodes (since 3/5/21) is pretty incredible, though. Made my way up to Harlem and City College this past week. The site (eNB 55893) covering the north side of the campus STILL hasn't been upgraded from B2/B66 (dual APX16s). Pulled ~70Mb/s down on what is essentially an empty campus. Wish I knew what the deal is with that site. I almost wonder if it might be easier to work with the school and keep the Sprint site on top of the engineering building (Steinman Hall, across the street from their current site), instead.
    • Just saw this permit for a very rural area:  https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/21110744CBP/Snohomish County It sure looks like a T-Mobile site number (SE01794A) and mentions "ADD 2 ABIL FOR N1900 N2100" First time I have seen a permit mention n1900 or n2100 (would this be n2/n25 and n66?). In fact, I searched all of the major locals on that site and not a single other permit mentions n1900 or n2100 (and none mention n2 or n66).
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