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Upgrade Promotion February 22, 2012 1.0

About This File

Upgrade Now Promotion - Trial


Promotion allows customers to upgrade early by paying a fee


Effective date: 2/12/12 - 4/14/12


Customer Type

  • Depends on criteria which may include:
    • Existing customers who are not yet eligible for upgrade
    • In targeted markets
    • Customers with 9 to 21 months Rebate Life on File (RLOF)

    [*]Important Note: Only participating Sprint stores can verify customer eligibility.


  • All


  • All

Service Agreement

2-year Service Agreement required at time of upgrade

Participating Channels and Markets

  • Company-owned Sprint stores in:
    • Atlanta / Athens, GA
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Chicago, IL
    • Cincinnati, OH
    • Cleveland, OH
    • Columbus, OH
    • East Kentucky
    • East Michigan
    • Ft. Wayne / South Bend Indianapolis, IN
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Miami / West Palm, FL
    • Milwaukee, WI
    • Minnesota
    • Nashville, TN
    • Orlando, FL
    • Raleigh / Durham, NC
    • Tampa, FL
    • West Kentucky
    • West Michigan
    • Winston / Salem, NC



  • No SOCS required.

Plan Specifics

  • No specific plan required.

Trial Promotion

  • Customers pay an 'Upgrade Now' fee to upgrade early.
    • Fee is based on how long it has been since the last upgrade.
      • 9-11 months RLOF = $165
      • 12-14 months RLOF = $125
      • 15-17 months RLOF = $95
      • 18-21 months RLOF = $55

    [*]Customers pay the lowest promotional price for the phone and the $36 upgrade fee.

Literature (LIT)

  • N/A

Mail-in Rebate (MIR)

  • N/A


  • There is no notification sent to customers about this trial promotion.

The only way customers learn of this offer is when they are in a Sprint store and the rep tells them about it because they are targeted for this trial promotion.


Questions about trial promotion

Do not proactively share information with any customer.

  • Answer questions about promotion.
  • If customer is in participating market, tell customer to go to a Sprint store to find if they are eligible for this trial promotion.

Customer participated in Upgrade Now trial promotion

  • If customer wants to return device or has other questions about promotion, tell customer to return to Sprint store where device was purchased, or where they first heard about the promotion.

Upgrade Now fee

Do not remove the Upgrade Now fee after it has been applied to account.

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