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Sprint 4G LTE speed tests appear on YouTube from San Antonio



by Robert Herron
Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
Saturday, January 7, 2012 - 6:51 AM MST


DISCLAIMER: This is unverified. It sounds great, and hopefully true. But I am not vouching for it's validity...

I awoke to the sound of e-mails pinging in my inbox on my Epic 4G Touch on my nightstand. Several S4GRU readers tipping me off to a new YouTube video sporting some Sprint 4G LTE speed tests.

The results are quite impressive. Download speeds over 40MB, and upload speeds around 5MB. The poster says that upload speeds are currently capped at 5MB. This is off a single 5x5 FD-LTE carrier. Even though the results are from a completely unburdened network, what excites me is this is faster than a 5x5 LTE carrier is anticipated to perform.

AT&T has deployed 5x5 LTE carriers in Chicago and is getting 20+MB download speeds from it. And that is with some burden. But even AT&T's LTE network is in its infancy at the moment with not a lot of users.

The poster even goes on to download two large files simultaneously and do a speed test and still got a very respectable 35MB download speed. I cannot even do that with my home ISP. Not even close.

You can expect Sprint's LTE speeds to come down drastically once they start to actually be burdened with real life users. One source says that Sprint is still deciding on speeds to advertise, but said they will likely be 5MB - 10MB download speeds, with bursts over 15MB. Still very respectable. And in comparison to Sprint's 3G network, I think we can all be happy with that.

Also, do not read too much in the Speed Test saying the tester is in Houston. He says he is in San Antonio. And that's believable. When I tether my laptop to my Sprint 3G here in New Mexico, the speed test website says I'm in Dallas or Houston, when obviously I'm in New Mexico.


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