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Samsung Epic Touch LTE coming soon to Sprint???



blog-0457181001329600984.pngby Robert Herron

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Saturday, February 18, 2012 - 2:22 PM MST


Has the new Samsung Epic Touch LTE just been discovered going through WiFi certification? It's possible that this is the new already announced Galaxy Nexus. However, the numbering seems to be more in-line with the Epic 4G Touch.


The model number is SPH-L710. SPH = Sprint Handset; L indicates LTE. 710 was the same number for SGS2 Epic 4G Touch. Could it possibly be??? The Sprint Galaxy Nexus has the model number SPH-L700, so it's probably not the GN.


Maybe Sprint will announce this device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month? Stay tuned. We should know more soon.





Thanks to AJ and Neal Gompa for the heads up!


Source: http://certification...hp?cid=WFA14499


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Could it be the same as the skyrocket HD thats coming out on AT&T?


Since the epic 4g is sort of like the skyrocket (but wimax instead of lte).

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This could also be the GSll+ that was mentioned earlier in the month. We'll have to see the specs to be sure. If it has a 1.5-1.8GHz processor and a 8mp camera than thats it.

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If Sprint updates the current Epic 4G Touch, like this is suggesting, I sure hope they put an HD screen on it, too!! (in addition to LTE)

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I forgot to mention, the original Epic 4G is model number D700, while the Galaxy Nexus will be L700. So just because it has the model number 710 doesn't mean it will be a re-hashed Epic Touch at all.

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