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Network Vision Drawings for a site in Overland Park, Kansas



blog-0724789001329106416.jpgby Robert Herron

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Sunday, February 12, 2012 - 8:59 PM MST


Another set of Network Vision drawings have appeared, and of course we have to post them up here at Sprint 4G Rollout Updates. There isn't anything earth shattering in these drawings that weren't really in the drawings S4GRU published a month ago in Lawrence, Kansas.


The new drawings show a roof mounted cell site on top of the Hillcrest Bank at the corner of W. 95th and Nieman Road in Overland Park, Kansas. These drawings are a little newer than the Lawrence drawings posted, with the most recent revision date of 12/5/2011. These drawings show detailed before Network Vision, transition configurations and final layouts. This gives a good technical overview of exactly how a roof mounted cell site is modified under Network Vision. LightSquared antennas are still shown.


You can click on this link to view and/or download the PDF file of the Hillcrest Bank NV drawings.


Special thanks to Rickie546 for sending me the links!


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I was looking at the drawing and I wonder what Sprint is going to do with the 1600 Mhz antennas that they have bought and have put up so far since they won't ever be deployed? Also what is Sprint going to do in the empty space where 1600 Mhz antennas used to sit? Are they going to leave it open and wait until some network sharing opportunity comes around to fill in the Lightsquared antenna space or should Sprint place another antenna for 800/1900 Mhz?

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I will stand to be corrected, but Sprint has yet to deploy any LightSquared LTE 1500-1600 infrastructure, as LightSquared has yet to garner FCC approval. Sure, Sprint has included space for LightSquared in its Network Vision plans. However, Sprint does not have to execute that element of the plan if LightSquared fails to hold up its end of the bargain.


So, most likely, the mounting poles set aside for LightSquared will go empty for the time being. Similarly, you will note that the legacy CDMA1X 1900 antennas will remain mounted only during a transition phase, then they will be retired. And those mounting poles will become empty. No big deal.



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I'm with AJ. I don't think that Sprint has actually purchased anything related to LightSquared. At least not any more than their $290M down payment didn't cover. And I'm pretty certain all that just went to engineering and planning.


- Robert

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Well hopefully Sprint can find a partner to do a network hosting deal and take advantage of that empty spot where the 1600 Mhz antenna was suppose to be and bring in more revenue.

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