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S4GRU Gift Account/Scholarship Account New Year Fund Drive




by Robert Herron

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Sunday, December 27, 2015 - 8:30 PM MST (edited)


Happy New Year!


Some of you are aware that S4GRU maintains a gift account/scholarship account. When a member cannot afford to renew or upgrade, we draw from this account to help others in need. It seems like this year we have had more people down on their luck than in past years, and our scholarship account has been fully depleted. We use this to fund not only people down on their luck, but also the many budding teenage wireless enthusiasts around our site and those who borrow a few bucks to upgrade but then pay it back.


If you are able to contribute to help others this time of year to maintain their S4GRU accounts, please make acontribution to the S4GRU PayPal account. Please reference in the notes section GIFT ACCOUNT. Once your donation is logged, you will receive a message that your donation has been added to the scholarship account. And when your donation is used for a worthy member in the future, you will receive a message about the details for whom and how it was used.


Hopefully, past donaters to the Gift/Scholarship Account will sound off in our forums with their testimonials of how well it has worked for them to help fellow S4GRU'ers!


One of the great things about gift donations, is that both the giver and the recipient get credit for the donation for future Premier and Honored Premier upgrades. It's a gift that keeps on giving! And several of our members who have received gifts in the past have turned around and become very generous givers when their finances have turned around. I am always amazed at how generous our members can be.


And truth be told, S4GRU benefits from this as well. Not only is it the leanest time of year for our members, it's the leanest time of year for S4GRU as well. Promotions are the only things that really keep the donations coming in the Fall and Winter So help support your fellow S4GRU members down on their luck and S4GRU too. Be sure to list GIFT ACCOUNT in the notes of your PayPal donation or send a message to S4GRU after completing your donation.


If you have given to this fund in the past, we hope we can count on you again this year! And thank you for your past support.



Thank you for considering a donation to the S4GRU Gift/Scholarship Account.



NOTE: Recurring donations during this time cannot be considered for the gift/scholarship account.

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Thanks Robert. I just started a monthly donation. I've been so busy with life that I have ignored this wonderful forum for too long.

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