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Teaser: Megalith, megahertz...Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3





by Andrew J. Shepherd

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Friday, September 13, 2013 - 3:15 PM MDT


The teaser articles continue. But this is a big one -- in a quite literal way.


The presumed Sprint variant Samsung Galaxy Note 3 passed through the FCC OET (Office of Engineering and Technology) on Wednesday this week. We have an article already started on it, so look for that full length rundown soon.


But since that SM-N900P variant hit the FCC OET, the cries about it being single band 25 LTE 1900 have been strong among the S4GRU faithful. Well, here is something potentially to make the disappointed forget those concerns.


Just within the last hour or two this Friday afternoon, another Samsung handset has revealed itself at the FCC OET. But this is no Galaxy Note 3. It is even larger than that. The model number SPH-L600 and dimensions (see the diagram below) suggest that this is a Galaxy Mega 6.3 headed to Sprint. The size exceeds that of the Galaxy Note 3, and in an interesting twist, the FCC OET filing even refers to the device as a "phablet."


The grand pronouncement, though, is that this Samsung "phablet" is indeed a tri band LTE device: band 25 LTE 1900, band 26 LTE 800, band 41 TD-LTE 2600 -- plus the usual Sprint CDMA2000 band classes.





In conclusion, the "SPH" model number and the specs add up. This is a huge handset for Sprint, it is tri band LTE, and it may render the Galaxy Note 3 irrelevant.


Enjoy! And know that there is more detailed RF info to come...


Source: FCC

Thread: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4368-samsung-galaxy-mega-tri-band-sph-l600/

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I was at walmart last night... you know how they have the nonworking models well the ATT one was there that thing is a MONSTER  you dont appreciate it till you see it... my friend has the note 2 and it dwarfed it...  impressive..  

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lol @ people calling the Note 3 huge. This thing is bigger without the screen or the horsepower.


I guess you could buy this, or wait a month or two and get the Note 2 for the same price and have a plethora of aftermarket accessories and ROM's available to you.

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