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by Christina Herron
Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 3:10 AM MST


Travel back with me a few weeks ago. It’s a cold Saturday afternoon, and I am standing and staring into a gated area near a cell phone tower. My date for this outing is frantically taking pictures and discussing the exciting upgrades to the equipment which have occurred since our last visit. I have no idea what he is talking about, all the mechanical stuff looks exactly like it did a few weeks ago. To me, it happens to look exactly like the 3 other sites we visited today. Not wanting to look totally stupid, I just smile and nod.

Yep, this is what I do for fun for my 17th wedding anniversary. I am officially married to a cell phone dork.

Since May 2011, I have had many a romantic dinner which usually includes at least a drive-by various cell towers. I have smiled and nodded through countless conversations which are dominated by the words, “LTE”, “Wi-Max” and “backhaul”. I still have no idea what any of this means.

I have taken vacations based on the availability of 4G coverage. This past summer our family ended up in Waco, Texas. Not exactly the place one would call a cosmopolitan vacation destination. At least we got to go to the Baylor football season opener. We ran tests in between plays, and my husband would constantly grab my phone to look at an Engineering screen. I have changed hotel and restaurant reservations based on cell tower locations.

My kids can spot a cell tower from 5 miles away. Family outings generally include a visit to one. My oldest son understands which panel is which on the cell tower. He also understands the secret language of cell phone technology which my husband speaks. I just continue to smile and nod.

Many friends ask me in wonder why I allow my date nights to be interrupted by visits to cell phone towers and discussions about things I don’t understand. The answer is simple; I have the best husband in the world. S4GRU is my husband’s passion. He loves all things Sprint, cell phone, and the technology that goes with it. He is passionate about the site and getting the information to its members. He gives unselfishly to it while still honoring all his work, home and community obligations. When he isn’t working on this site; he is being an awesome dad, devoted husband, faithful employee and a good citizen. The only sacrifice I make is that I occasionally have to smile and nod, so I don’t look like I have no idea what is going on. He sacrifices his sleep, his free time and sometimes his sanity to make sure we are all happy. I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day of romance. I am looking forward to a romantic dinner at my favorite restaurant and maybe a box of Godiva chocolate. There are two things I am pretty sure of. There will be at least one stop at a cell tower during the night, and I will probably be doing a lot of smiling and nodding.


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The article is awesome and what really struck a cord is that first image. lol My better half says the same thing. Although I do not do it so much for cell tower/LTE stakeouts like Robert does. I once planned a trip to Chicago solely on the basis of visiting United headquarters. I plan on doing one for Kansas City to visit Sprint and he tells me "Why" and I reply "because Sprint is there", I get instant roll of the eyes. lol

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My wife and I had a different problem: Many of our friends could not understand what we were talking about half the time as I was a telco engineer and she was a telco technician, and we both worked in digital carrier systems. (BTW, her dad and brother were also telco technical types, so her family was steeped in it. Some of the family table talk got pretty exotic.)

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I am sure my wife would say the exact same thing. She has taken rides with me to hunt down wimax, I look at vacations to see if we can get LTE. I am that much of a dork...

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