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Looking for 50 Hardcore Beta Testers for the new S4GRU Community




by Robert Herron
Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
Thursday, November 10, 2011


If you are here reading this, you now are experiencing Beta Version 1.0 of the S4GRU Community.

It's designed to be a full community, including unique sign-in and forums. THIS IS ONLY A BETA. In the beginning, I am only looking for serious testers. Everyone is open to peruse the site. However, I only want people who regularly participate to register for membership.

The first trial is limited to just 50 members. If it works out, I will add more. The more I add, the more it costs me. And I'm willing to front the cost if the Betas are successful.

The possibilities are very exciting, including live chat. We will not be opening that up on day one, but maybe in the future we will open up chats once a month or once a week, etc.
We will start with one category of registration in the beginning, “Member.” Members will be able to comment on The Wall, start forum threads and comment on forum threads. If the Beta is successful, we will add Premium Members, which will be able to post on the Wall and start chats. Then if the S4GRU community really starts to take off, we will add Moderators and Contributors.
Again, I just want to ask only those who are serious about participating to join in the beginning. Feel free to check things out and visit the pages, but in the beginning we are limited to only 50 members. So I’m looking for the very serious and hardcore. I wanna see if there is any potential in this.
The sky is the limit, and it’s all up to you. I have really enjoyed interacting with all of you on Social Media. It’s because of you that I do all of this. It’s very exciting, and I hope that this is something that will be useful and fun. Hope to see you soon at the S4GRU Community!


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