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Des Moines 4G WiMax coverage reappears on Clear's coverage maps after 6 month hiatus



by Robert Herron
Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 10:01 AM MST


Hold the corn and pass the pork chops! Des Moines is back on the map!!! Clearwire rolled out several 4G Protection Sites for Sprint and Clear WiMax customers back in Spring 2011 in the Des Moines area. However, after only showing for just over a month, they disappeared off coverage maps. And haven't been seen since.

The service continued to be live after it disappeared from coverage maps. And we changed the status of the towers to Phantom Protection Sites. However, today it was discovered that the coverage is back showing at clear.com/coverage.

In the past few weeks it was reported to me that at least one of the towers was down in the Des Moines area. Hopefully, it's back up now. If anyone can confirm, sound off in the comments below.




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