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Is Sprint going to show up "Sooner" in the Show Me State?




by Robert Herron

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 1:31 AM MDT



Sprint 4G Rollout Updates has completed announcements on the first two rounds of Network Vision, naming just over 40 of Sprint's 97 markets as slated to begin deployment before the end of 2012. Sprint's Network Vision and LTE Deployment are in full swing with First Round markets cranking out production. Even some Second Round markets will begin deployment as soon as May.


S4GRU has recently been apprised of some additional Network Vision information. As you may recall, when Sprint originally announced Network Vision details and explained their change to LTE for its 4G technology, Sprint also said that planning/design/permitting is under way at the first 22,000 sites. S4GRU has now been able to see information on those initial 22,000 sites. Sprint originally said that these sites were the first sites to receive Network Vision upgrades.


In the data for all these sites, there were not many surprises. But two things immediately jumped out. Or, I should say, two markets. All of the markets comprising the 22,000 sites are in the first two announced rounds, except two. There are two markets that it appears Sprint is proceeding with complete site planning and design that have not been announced to date by S4GRU.


Missouri and Oklahoma



Missouri/Oklahoma. There are over 1,175 sites in the Missouri and

Oklahoma Sprint markets.

The Missouri and Oklahoma markets are included in Sprint's initial 22,000 sites planning. However, in a cross check, these two markets are not in the Sprint schedule for the first two rounds. It's quite possible since all the planning and permitting for these two markets will be done in advance, they may actually be moved up in to the second round. We cannot say with any certainty at this time. This should be seen as good news though for the folks living in these two markets.


We do not have any more details than this to report on these two markets currently. S4GRU will keep pushing for all the latest information for you on Sprint's Network Vision and LTE Depolyment. Stay tuned to S4GRU.com for breaking Network Vision news.





Photos Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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FYI to all. Just spoke to a supervisor with sprint about a different issue but asked him the question about LTE roll-out to the sooner state. He told me the plan was to start turning the lights on in three months. Also I asked about us users who had Wi-Max devices with the hopes of getting and it didnt. He said they had a plan in place for some kind of phone exchange. I would assume they would let us upgrade early.


I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It is not possible for LTE to start turning on Oklahoma within three months. Sprint is just completing RF design now for this market. To be mobilized and working in three months is virtually impossible. The earliest they could start is likely late Fall or early Winter. But I would guess more like early 2013.


As for a WiMax phone exchange, that doesn't seem likely. But I won't say it's impossible. An early upgrade could be a good solution for many customers, though.



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