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Sprint Galaxy Nexus FCC Testing Docs appear...no 800 LTE support!



blog-0077795001331850385.jpgby Robert Herron

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 3:51 PM MDT


BREAKING NEWS! Sprint's Galaxy Nexus has now cleared the FCC with approval. It will support CDMA/EVDO on 800 SMR, 850 Cellular and 1900 PCS frequencies. It will support LTE on PCS 1900 only. That's right. It will not support LTE at 800MHz SMR frequencies.


The CDMA support on 800MHz includes 1xAdvanced and EVDO 3G. Although, Sprint does not have any current plans to deploy 3G EVDO in 800 SMR bands. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus does not support VoLTE. Although, this is no surprise.


Also of interest, it does appear to support some simultaneous data/voice functions. Simulatneous data over LTE with CDMA voice usage is supported. But simulateneous EVDO and voice is still not supported.


CDMA and EVDO share the same antenna path and cannot transmit simultaneously. Therefore this model does not support Simultaneous Voice and Data for the licensed CDMA antenna in any modes.


I know many of you may be disappointed by this news. But it is of no surprise to me. I have been expecting this to be the case for awhile now. Sprint will not be turning on 800 LTE service until likely Mid 2013 at the earliest. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus will start to be a pretty old device by that time. And it will still be functioning nicely at 1900MHz. If you are waiting for the first Sprint 800 LTE device, you may be waiting for a long time still.


More importantly than all this, WHEN IS IT COMING? April 15th seems to be the best guesses out there. And that doesn't seem out of line now that this approval is in the bag. And does anyone remember the SPH-L710 from last month?






Source: https://fjallfoss.fc...27A3LSPHL700%27

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According to anandtech, the Verizon Galaxy nexus uses the Samsung CMC221 with FCI FC7851. I doubt Sprint would get a different version (but maybe they will).

That's the LTE baseband and preamp/LNA. The issue is that the Verizon version's CDMA baseband doesn't support 1xAdvanced. Right now, only the Qualcomm chips do. This means they would have to change the CDMA baseband, and the MDM9600 is the most common one used curently, which also does LTE. They might also be able to use one of the newer QSC chips that will do CDMA 1xA, which is a possibility to retain their own LTE baseband. It would be better actually if they go that route so that everyone will same more battery life running in 3G only mode, which most people do with smaller than 2500 mAh batteries.

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they cant do that as they may loose money in the long run. they need the customers to be theirs for 2 years before upgrading again to a phone that includes the 800lte support so they make more money

If it will really be 2 years until 800MHZ LTE, most customers would buy a new phone anyway, lol

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