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  2. I can't find it. It was on a post on r/tmobile if I remember correctly.
  3. Where are you getting this? I looked, I didn't see anything in the news pool that would suggest this...? Worst I heard was the Judge chastised both sides for the amount of witnesses both side have to argue (some 14 or more) and asked that the list be pared down substantially. He also did not allow opening arguments. See news link above. I wouldn't call any of this a "Slaughter"... on day one??!
  4. So apparently there are rumors that Sprint and T-Mobile got absolutely slaughtered today. Don't know if those rumors are true or not.
  5. From some of the latest articles, Wall Street Journal, NYT.... detailing the proceedings today, the Judge doesn't want a long drawn out case. Short and to the point. Something tells me this may be good? IDK. He didn't want anyone to hold opening arguments as he said that is pointless. He instructed both the states and T Mobile Sprint to start calling witnesses...basically lets get this show on the road... Good or bad, I hope it's short and not a 6 month trial. If he goes in favor of the states, it will throw the entire business merger structure into question in how mergers are reviewed, processed and approved or denied. It could have very long lasting implications for any future companies eyeing a combination. T-Mobile and Sprint head to court to defend their merger
  6. Is that kind of what the clearwire experiment was hoping to emulate?
  7. Today
  8. PRL 33046 is older I believe so it probably won't roam in "Extended" areas.
  9. I meant to say, will I still have the same coverage as those on PRL 55071 or will my phone not connect to the extended roaming towers if I stay on PRL 33046?
  10. If anything at all it should help with the addition of T-Mobile roaming.
  11. That’s what I was thinking... Will my coverage be affected in any way if I stay on 12.4 a few more days? I plan on going to Sugar Hill, NH for the holidays and on Sprint’s coverage maps, it indicates I will be roaming but it will appear as Sprint native coverage on my iPhone. I’m thinking i’ll be roaming on AT&T or T-Mobile. Please advise.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Yes sir. I’ve done both and even reset my network settings and still showing PRL 33046. I’ve rebooted my phone multiple times, I have even turned off LTE and done the update on 3G and still shows PRL 33046. Any other explanation? I’m still running iOS 12.4 too if that helps. I keep reading about how buggy iOS 13 has been so I have decided not to update until Apple sorts out all the bugs.
  14. Have you done a ##CLEAR# then a ##UPDATE# since switching?
  15. What would happen if I put a iPhone 8 SIM in a iPhone 6s??? I find it odd that Sprint needs different SIM's for different phone's when the other 3 carriers and MVNO's can provide a single universal SIM...
  16. Ya, I wonder that too. There is no Sprint where I am living right now and I'm roaming on AT&T LTE for data and AT&T HSDPA for voice. I checked the maps and there is T-Mobile here. So why prefer AT&T over T-Mobile?!
  17. Did some tests today since I haven't in awhile. Was waiting for my kid on 4th st in El Cajon, between granite hills HS and Montgomery Middle. Pleasently surprised. I wanted to hit 200 so bad, but figured I'd keep testing as a quasi stress test when the brats at the middle school is out at 2:30. I believe the antenna is at shadow mountain church, which is east and across the High School. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  18. I am concerned about what Sprint is going to do about voice for iPhone's 6, 6+, SE, 6s, 6s+, 7, and 7+. Right now with my 6s my voice calls go over AT&T HSDPA when I'm outside of Sprint coverage. I'm wondering if Sprint will support VoLTE on these phones or decide to just pawn us off on AT&T for voice even inside Sprint coverage areas, which I believe AT&T plans to shut down HSDPA in 2022.
  19. and dog walking apps. Selling stake and dropping from the board of *squints* . . . Wag. Ok. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/09/softbank-sells-stake-back-to-wag.html
  20. I have been advocating this for at least 5-7 years now if not earlier.
  21. I don’t see why they didn’t do that from the start. This merger has been nothing but a long in the tooth journey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. If they don't merge I would say that network sharing is the next best thing. Hell they might just include Dish in it.
  23. ummm isn't that advertising without admin consent? a BAN is in order, ... Oh wait.... 😁 ok back to topic. Navigator Concept.
  24. I get 128kbps - 512kbps on "Extended Network LTE" and I'm 99% sure it's on AT&T's network. I get about 5mbps/5mbps on "Extended LTE" and I'm not sure if it's Verizon or T-Mobile's network... Neither of which seem to go towards my 300mb data roaming limit. The only thing that seems to go towards that limit is "Extended 3G" which is on Verizon.
  25. https://wmata.com/about/news/Wireless-service-now-available-in-all-Green-line-tunnels.cfm#main-content Progress!
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