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  2. Mine sure can not. I have an S9 with HPUE and it absolutely can not use -128. Also, I suspect that when we use carrier aggregation on 2500, HPUE is disabled. I doubt if the cell phone can transmit at the high levels of HPUE on two channels. Somebody please verify that I am right or wrong on using HPUE on 2 aggregated channels.
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  4. I don't recall if I mentioned it here but major updates like those above features are usually sent out each quarter so it's not ready as I last checked a few weeks and they don't expect it til at least fall at the earliest. They've been doing field tests on the alternative backhaul mode but it requires network configurations and hw deployments out of the hands of the MB team. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. makes me not want to be with Sprint / T-Mobile then - because it is the customers that are going to pay this. Might as well switch to a company that doesn't have to pay.
  6. Red_Dog, Your posts are usually good ... you've tought me a lot, so thanks... but I have to say this... 1. Merger has not gone through. So no worries. 2. T Mobile 600 being deployed at a record pace as many on here have admitted to. Give it time. (Sprint would take years... just got Sprint 800 MHz in my area and how long has it been??) It works for crap anyway. 3. Sprint doesn't give up 800 for 3 years as it was written. They can also lease back, so I don't understand what the worries / issues are? None of it can be deployed instantly. 4. T Mobile owns very little 700 MHz, (5 or 10 MHz? and I don't think it's nation-wide) I think less than Sprint has 800 MHz... but they too are installing it as much as they can. Sadly, at the rate of all the states suing them, blocking and so forth on purely political reasons... not even sure this will actually happen. Now they're all crying that the FCC should/must open it up to public comment before their final vote . With a year and a half into the review, and the millions of pages of material submitted, there is no need or more review and re-review. Until then, .. your Sprint service should remain the same.
  7. Because of HPUE devices can use a -128 signal on B41. It is the upload that is timing out not the download when you are not using a HPUE enabled device.
  8. Hard Lemonade Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  9. Why is Sprint going to -128 or even into the -130's for Qrxlevmin????? This just does not work and is very aggravating. Trying to use data below about -120 is almost impossible, no matter what band. Why do they insist on holding me on 2500 at a -130 level and having everything time out?? Sometimes in a bad spot, they hold me on 1900 at -130 and things crash bad. What happened that they will not allow a transfer to a lower band? This new Qrcminlev is a disaster. They are causing people to experience really bad service.
  10. I was in Fort Lauterdale and Palm Beach most of last week and wanted to quickly share my experience using AT&T down there. This was undoubtedly the worst non-rural cellular experience I have had in the US in a long time. This was very unexpected because of the amount of spectrum AT&T has in the area. They are broadcasting 10x10 L700 (5110/5780), 10x10 L850 (2501), 10x10 L850 (2600), 10x10 L1900 (750), 5x5 L2100 (2175) and 10x10 L2300 (9820). Despite all of this spectrum, I found that probably 80% of the time I was either on weak L700, weak L850 or UMTS/HSPA, even outdoors. This was in both urban and suburban settings. There were two restaurants I ate in which had no service at all, not even voice. By contrast I never lost LTE on my Verizon or Sprint devices. It seems that AT&T's poor coverage is due to a combination of poor site spacing and seemingly poor quality equipment. The AT&T and Sprint sites that served my hotel were atop the same building with the same sector alignment, but I found that AT&T would very quickly drop to weak lowband LTE while Sprint was able to maintain usable L1900 in the lobby. All of AT&T's sites I saw used three relatively short antennas which I assume were not very high gain. I believe radios were manufactured by Ericsson. For reference, the Qrxlevmin on all of AT&T's bands except WCS is their usual national standard: -122. Sprint's were -122 on 800/1900 and -128 on 2500. Overall, I was very unimpressed with AT&T's performance and would not recommend them to anyone living in the area.
  11. I did, shipped today Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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  13. August 15th indicates an automatic Security update of July 1,2019. That is a Sprint sold Galaxy S9
  14. Just got August update on UNLOCKED Galaxy S-9. Can not find any place to turn on VOLTE. Looks like we did not get any better aggregation options. Actually, I see NOTHING changed or added on a quick look. File was just over 200MB
  15. Had the same issue today with a different site. M-MIMO just went like on a site here and 2 of the 3 sectors are pulling site notes for sites 50+ miles away. Mike, anyway to put a switch in the app to turn this feature off?
  16. At the power levels these seem to be broadcasting, I wouldn't be too worried about indoor interference from these.
  17. I finally got the July update late last week. My AT&T phone is still happy with the June update.
  18. Seems like a nice sized massive mimo deployment is going on in Chattanooga. Every time I get out in town I spot a new 5G MM antenna. Performance is awesome. First time in this city I have gotten over 100Mbps. Actually on the 8T8R gear I have really only seen 60Mbps peak. Figured backhaul on these sites was limited. These new antennas, I ran just two tests and peaked at 140Mbps. Metro city is ranked 100, City is ranked 144 in pop size. If this city is getting 5G stuff, I can only imagine the rest. This deployment makes me kinda oppose the merger a bit.
  19. Well, TMobile still has a LOT of work to do in low-band. If the merger went through today and 800MHz was lost today, I'd take a serious hit in coverage, reliability and usability inside and outside the city because TMobile's 700 is extremely lacking. This holds true for everywhere I travel in East TN. If 600MHz deployment is like their 700, it's gonna suck. And in new coverage areas I visit like East KY, did they forget they own 700A there? So many new sites that are rubbish and make for a horrible inconsistent experience because of the lack of 700. If TMobile can't up beef up 600/700 by the time 800 is unusable, it's gonna not be great. If they have a ton of work in places I routinely go or visit, I can only imagine what the rest of the network is like.
  20. That's why I always go for the unlocked versions of the phones if I can afford them. Quicker software updates in most cases. Sent from my GM1917 using Tapatalk
  21. Have there been any comments about VoLTE or WiFi/Ethernet backhaul? I feel like it's the missing piece for networking at my condo.
  22. Wow. They are in WiFi Channel 153 and 157. Unless you go with a 20MHz channel below or above there is no way to avoid interference specifically from LAA. 40MHz channel will overlap these. 😕
  23. Apparently unlocked is now on the August patch and here we are still on June...
  24. Mike, While I've been in the UK, I sent you a diagnostic because as far as I can tell, SCP still doesn't log PSC when connected to HSPA, meaning that neighbor notes don't work and, of course, PSC data is unavailable in the log. Is there a specific reason for this by any chance? Seems like a relatively straight-forward adjustment from this armchair SCP user's point of view... - Trip
  25. At a hotel near Heathrow; flying out in the morning. The end result of my trip is that essentially, I was on HSPA from Reading on west. I had some LTE east of Reading, such as in Windsor. I guess O2 doesn't have Band 3 LTE running in most places outside of London and the immediate surrounding areas yet. I'll be looking through the data SCP picked up on my wife's phone after we're home, I think. - Trip
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