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  2. AT&T has the most spectrum by a wide margin under 2.5 GHz. What part of their spectrum portfolio is “limited”? 170 MHz on average nationally whereas T-Mobile and Verizon are around 100 MHz and Sprint ranges between 45-65 MHz at best. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Maybe roaming. But yeah zero spectrum since att is very very limited Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah that's what I thought. So Sprint either got screwed or got a deal they couldn't pass up. I wonder which.
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  6. Looks like AT&T and Sprint settled the "Fake 5G" lawsuit: https://9to5mac.com/2019/04/22/sprint-att-5g-e-lawsuit-settlement/
  7. I agree with his statement, what am I supposed to do with 5GHz of capacity at 70 or 90GHz the FCC is working on next week. If I needed that kind of capacity at feasible distance, I would run a jumper or strand to it. Need to work out that mid band mess some more. Still a lot of legacy out there for the couple years in many existing licenses. Dish has all the spare the market could handle a couple years ago, and that took substantial time to get worked through the system that gave us AWS-4. I see why he wants that 2.5 more everyday.
  8. There have been a few reports of unlocked S10s also having issues. Hard for us to know if it is more or less common.
  9. I have been keeping track of a number of S10 users with issues as well. My bias, if any, is against Samsung since I owned a Note 7 whose problems became publicly debated while I was on one flight and the second recall occurred while I was on another flight returning home. It took Samsung hundreds of engineers and a year to figure out the issue was not enough expansion room for the battery. With fewer people less affected in a quieter way, we may never hear what the issue is. Some of the S10 users are having issues start as late as a month out, but the earliest phones definitely had more issues. A few of the exchanged phones have also had issues, but this appears to be an even smaller percentage. Not restricted to Sprint but definitely more common. No doubt a number of variables in play here, but quality control appears to be one of the key issues, otherwise I would not expect any difference in exchange rates. Another theory is antenna system issues (this phone reportedly uses a new design). This is a phone where insurance is a good idea. Open enrollment occurring now is a good time to get it if you did not before. I would exchange a problem S10 while the issues are well publicized. You might be able to exchange if for a different model or vendor assuming you spend the same or more (including accessories) if desired.
  10. My co-worker's husband is experiencing voice call drop-outs & LTE issues on his Sprint-branded S10+. So should I tell him disable Band 25 for now? He is getting really frustrated. Mine's the Unlocked S10+ with a Sprint SIM card inside and everything's been peachy so far. Anyone else with the Unlocked models that are doing okay?
  11. I did some pretty extensive testing on my S10+, my wife's S10, and both my parents' S10s as they were visiting this weekend and my kids actually took a freaking nap!! As we traveled around, each device had a hard time dealing with any sort of B25 signal, as reported by SCP and by the LTE Engineering screen. B25^2 seemed to be okay, but any standard B25 signal was junk from a macro site. If it picked up B25 from a oDAS network, then the phones were okay on data sending and receiving as well. Reports over on the Sprint thread also have issues with the Note 9 in some cases as well. While all anecdotal, I find it really hard to believe that folks on this thread "have had no data problems". In fact, I bet you have, but it's pretty innocuous when it happens usually. It doesn't tell you that you don't have signal, it doesn't give any sort of warning....it looks connected with strong signal bars. SCP will report "idle" and anything that needs the network will timeout. Occasionally, I get the unable to establish connection circle with the slash through it....and a toggle of airplane mode will fix it.....but this has happened to me in the past here in Madison just because we have pockets still of dead zones that are unfortunately placed in areas you want your phone to work, like the Zoo. This all said, this really smells like a software provisioning problem and not anything to do with hardware and/or device swaps....in most cases. Or something with the towers themselves in communicating with these S10s and perhaps the S8s are reporting issues too in a few places. Most folks that are getting new devices are just reporting that those are going "bad" as well. I have no clue what's happening, but it seems pretty widespread if all 4 of the devices on my account have these issues. These all were pre-orders but from very different batches of SN strings and ordered well apart from each other. I just know that I'm not going into any store for testing or swapping out any devices until they have an actual fix in place for what's going on. For now, I've just disabled B25 and that keeps the data flowing and keeps the calls from dropping! I know it's not proper, but it fixes my issue in the short term. This is complete madness that they can't get a handle on it. There's supposedly another update coming on April 30th.
  12. If Sprint ends up a stand alone, they will need more spectrum at some point,I do understand not using mm wave accept for malls and stadiums. They should use it there tho Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  13. Neville's latest thoughts on Millimeter Wave.... and why the merger needs to happen.... https://www.t-mobile.com/news/the-5g-status-quo-is-clearly-not-good-enough Here's what Dr. Saw has said about Millimeter Wave previously: https://www.lightreading.com/mobile/5g/sprint-says-no-to-mmwave-yes-to-mobile-5g/d/d-id/739592 "What is the cost to deliver a bit over millimeter waves? Where is the business case on that?" John Saw asked at the Citi conference in Las Vegas. and "We need to solve the cost challenges before you can scale millimeter wave," Saw said. I guess this is the new Merger strategy now?
  14. Shouldn't have anything to do with that. Don't know the reason ( other than wanting to lose Customer's) as to why devices that support it aren't getting it. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  15. Is there any truth to the merger holding up the VoLTE rollout? Are we at 50% completion, 75, etc.?
  16. 000000 works for the msl password on the omadm menu. I was to afraid to change my S9 from Sprint Production though as i am unfamiliar with that menu. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  17. Last week
  18. I get band 2 off T-Mobile but not band 71 anymore. As far as us cellular haven’t connected to their LTE once where I use to get it all the time now it’s us cellular 3g only.
  19. I see this happen too. It is known about.
  20. Yeah...it's screwy indeed. The sequence for me went as follows - my primary corporate store told me I needed the "1242" (which is the last four digits of the UPC for the SIMGLW406TQ) and they were out. I called four more stores before finding one that had two of them 10 miles away. Went there, and their internal systems said they wouldn't activate in the Unlocked version, but tried both anyway after seeing the same chart you posted on their internal computers - didn't work. I called corporate from the store and they got the SIM into the Sprint system which the local store couldn't do - corporate said they thought SIMGLW406TQ should work, but it wouldn't fully activate despite multiple attempts and all kinds of refresh attempts for PRL's, profiles, etc. Store 2 said SIMOLW506TQ was listed as an alternative but they were out of BYOD SIM kits. I returned to Store 1, bought a 4 in 1 BYOD SIM kit, and the phone activated fully in 10 minutes. I'm getting an extra GLW406TQ mailed from Sprint just because it's so hard to find and will keep it with my Sprint Z3 Play. Yeesh.
  21. That's weird as I checked the latest information available to me that the BYOD unlocked version would work with the BYOD SIMOTA kit and the alternative SIMOTA 406's. The postpaid version only takes the 406's. When bringing devices capable of BYOD Sim kits, always get those first as they're considered primary sim cards and would work. I've also split out the Moto Z3 postpaid and byod now so people won't make the mistake of trying the BYOD KIT sims on postpaid devices.
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