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  2. Standing Desk Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  3. According to this article it seems that the Sprint-Tmobile merger is still on... https://www.foxbusiness.com/financials/t-mobile-sprint-merger-nearing-completion-after-controversial-and-lengthy-negotiations.amp Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  4. You won't be charged roaming while in the USA. Period. End of story. Turn on data and enjoy. Talk and enjoy. Text and enjoy. VZW/ATT data will be slow/unusabled and you only have a 100MB bucket. After this bucket is used you are cut off. Everyone else data experience should be usable and treated as if native.
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  6. I signed up for Sprint's unlimited kickstart plan and noticed there is a lot of "extended network" coverage near me. Today was the first chance I had to test it when I left native coverage. It switches to US Cellular but all I got was the R indicator on my phone. Same indicator when it switches to Verizon. I have my settings as Automatic for network instead of Home only. I also have data roaming turned off. Basically my question is, how can I know when I am on extended network instead of roaming? Most of the coverage west of me shows extended network with very little roaming areas. I don't want to get charged for roaming on accident.
  7. I say what a wase to design turn to fail in 5 years instead of design then to last for a long time better for environment
  8. Nice set of CA combos! I'm guessing it's 2x2 only right? I'm waiting for a 4x4 modem with those CA combos or better (4x+ CA) to be more future proofed, since the AT&T tower I'm using now doesn't have 4x4 yet or even B4/66 (adjacent ones do). I'm just not sure how to orient the antennas for 4x4... Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  9. They're in a low enough orbit that they should burn up within a year or two I think if they don't boost their altitude. They're designed to deorbit quickly upon failure. And I believe they're also designed to only last like 5 years before needing replaced due to running out of fuel? At least SpaceX's are. They said they will have to continuingly replace them. So space junk shouldn't be a problem, unless they collide at enough velocity that some pieces are ejected to a higher orbit. But I think studied were performed to show the risk of this is minimal. The bigger issue I believe would be its effect on Earth based visual astronomy (see Starlink "train"). Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  10. A VPN will skew the results. You should not have a VPN on whole doing speed test mapping. VoLTE will not matter, they operate on different EUTRA sessions https://s4gru.com/entry/439-sprints-casting-call-of-voice-over-actors-an-in-depth-analysis-of-volte-calling-and-vowifi/ it shouldn't even be able to tell that you have VoLTE on. That being said, if you're on an active VoLTE call, then that may affect things. Recently, Sprint started preferring dropping to band 26 during tower handoffs while on a VoLTE call. So a call may start out on B41, but if you're moving, when it hands off to the next tower it often switches to B26. This improves VoLTE performance and quality, but will result in slower data speeds and showing B26 available instead of b25 or b41 in your mapping. Congestion on B26 has no effect at all on VoLTE calls, but will be reflected in speed tests performed while on the call Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  11. Well I am going to give up on mapping with Rootmetrics and Open Signal. I wonder if they don’t publish results when a user has a VPN or is using Sprint VoLTE. No sense wasting a bunch of time on mapping a Network if the results don’t end up on the map.
  12. How do you like it? Any 5G visible yet?
  13. Well I now have the lg v50 in hand, picked it up from sprint yesterday
  14. OneWeb will cover the same area. Starlink will also cover the same area which already has ~55 LEO satellites in orbit.
  15. try to modify with mark, but seem not allow my edit again you can buy at this link https://www.rework.network/products/quectel-em12g-cat12-lte-modem-3xcarrier-aggregation
  16. mattp


    I canit 1 i am on a prepay provdier the best i can is let them know about it i own the phone i am one verizon now still get dead spot in a few area airave woint work using it away from home where no wifi i doint make phone call on it i use home phone or i chat with people may make a few but only to provider if have issue since they wnat me on the phone to trubshut it live at the arrea hope for those area whera voice work
  17. Latency isn't bad though. Not like HughesNet or Viasat or any of that trash.
  18. Im a little late to the conversation here. But its not just one site. If you look at the coverage map now, there is LTE Data (but no Voice) in Marquette, MI, Iron Mountain, MI, Houghton, MI., Ironwood, MI, and a *huge* swath of land that includes Ishpeming, Negaunee and Sawyer Airport (Gwinn). All with native data but no voice. You can see the coverage clearly on the maps on prepaid.sprint.com and virginmobileusa.com. So these are all old protectionism Clearwire sites? What would happen if you tried a VoLTE and/or Calling Plus call up there? Would it go through?
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  20. Interesting article. Sprint’s off to a good start.
  21. You should delete that picture with your IMEI in it fren. Where did you get the current firmware? I am unable to find it on of modems and men dot com.
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