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  2. They did not bid for that in Ohio because they have 800mhz of other mmWave in the metro areas plus surrounding areas. Much of it is contiguous.
  3. And I forgot T-Mobile and sprint bid for the 47ghz mmwave spectrum too. Man this newco company will be huge ! I’m excited
  4. The AT&T site on top of The Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown also has N260.
  5. He was at Marcellos ‘virtual happy hour’ tonight (top right)
  6. I quoted Belusnecropolis's post, that's how I found it. Update to my quoted post above, TMO does have their AWS-3 live here now for both uplink and downlink.
  7. Do you have a source where we can view it for all areas? I wanna know H+I in mine. 😃
  8. I wonder if this virus pandemic will delay the DoD rebanding in AWS-3. Target completion to clear the J-block uplink was April 30th 2020. Currently still relegated to to downlink only for J-block AWS within about 50 miles of Ft Knox.
  9. This is what the plmn numbers and tac numbers on the tower I use at home in central va
  10. Some interesting info here about the pending ruling on the Tunney Act: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/it-s-official-t-mobile-closes-sprint-merger-sievert-takes-over
  11. Yesterday
  12. So I’ve heard two different things now. First I heard before today that on day one it would be reciprocal network sharing on day 1 which is obviously not the case. Then I heard today two somewhat conflicting statements. First that for now users will stay on each separate networks. Then I heard another statement that Sprint users would be able to tap into the T-Mobile network via expanded roaming. Can someone clear up what exactly has changed today if anything?
  13. So happy they kept him. Him and Gunther were my favorite sprint execs
  14. I have seen my TAC as both 326323 and 64003. Idk which TAC belongs to which company. Help?
  15. Personally I hope that the new T-Mobile will find a way to keep him on board. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  16. LOL! One of the best characters of all time. Karl Urban played the role brilliantly in the recent films. I think DeForest Kelley would have been proud.
  17. I get 10mbs at home. When I experimented with TM on my iPhone eSIM I would get 40mbs. For the last month or three with one bar I would on occasion get 40mbs on Sprint. I just chalked it up to having such a weak Sprint signal I would roam over to TM. What I don't know is if being in Chicagoland would TM be set up as a Sprint roaming partner.
  18. "With the close of T-Mobile and Sprint, Dish is one step closer to becoming the nation's fourth facilities-based wireless carrier," Jeff Blum, Dish's SVP of government affairs and public policy, said in a statement Wednesday. "We are committed to bringing full, standalone 5G to America, built upon a secure, Open Radio Access Network (OpenRAN) architecture, delivering unparalleled innovation that will benefit US consumers and enterprises ."Continued Blum: "Once the Consent Decree is entered, T-Mobile has 90 days to divest Boost to Dish. We are eager to welcome Boost customers, employees and dealers, and look forward to delivering lower prices and increased competition in the prepaid market." https://www.lightreading.com/5g/dish-network-mostly-mum-on-t-mobiles-big-day/d/d-id/758615?_mc=RSS_LR_EDT
  19. It's dead, Jim. LOL [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  20. They need to push this 5G update so I can use it lol.
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