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  2. I ordered one Friday morning but hadn't received any notification email. So I called back a moment ago and was just told that they are still having trouble ordering these. I relayed that some folks had gotten shipping notifications...the reply was, "I promise no one is getting these yet, they are simply not shipping yet. " Ugh. He offered to try everyday and would let me know when he was successful in placing my order for an Airave 4. Anyone have any advice?
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  4. i actually tried with a Atlanta server from NordVPN and I got blocked. But once I selected a different Atlanta server it worked. They might be catching on.
  5. Emphasis mine. Cool, so no penalties. Got it. - Trip
  6. Yeah it's definitely a WIP. I am able to connect but It's chugging real bad. I can't connect to any speedtest server, resolving domain names takes like me back to Pre-NV memories, and VolTE / Calling Plus calls just outright fail. Sometimes its so bad my Pixel gets stuck in 1x purgatory as it refuses to connect to LTE at all.
  7. nice! nothing working on my unit yet...it's been trying for about 30 mins so far :\
  8. Yeah. 5x5 band 26 isn't enough. It's like the dumpster fire that is T-Mobile band 12 most places. It's also 5x5.
  9. I believe so, but isn’t that the case everywhere except for areas where Band 26 is 3x3 instead?
  10. They only have 5x5 of band 26 don't they?
  11. Lack of lowband in DC? I don’t think Sprint got worse necessarily. I think the other carriers could just be outpacing it. @Trip @grapkoski
  12. Sooo... This is a thing. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  13. I ordered Friday afternoon but don't have anything showing in the system yet. Here's a shortcut to the page that @SeanK_ was referencing: https://myaccountportal.sprint.com/servlet/ecare?inf_action=login&action=orderList -Mike
  14. My guess is tomorrow then. Mine shipped and they did send two which will be here Friday!
  15. Nice! Nothing is showing up for me yet but I did call in this morning to request one.
  16. DOj doesn’t deal with concession it’s the FCC.. there is even a huge penalty to pay of some sort if the new tmo doesn’t apply by the terms reached.. If the reports are true and not put out by career people that are salty.. than the DOJ really just can’t accept the us going from 4 to 3 carries .. is that a strong enough case to hold up in court? Maybe not, but it will sure make sprint/tmo think about if they wanna spend more time on this in court or do they back out Penalties for broken promises So what happens if the New T-Mobile fails to deliver on any of the obligations outlined here? In their letter to the FCC, T-Mobile and Sprint say they'll agree to an "unprecedented" amount of verification and enforcement. "Failure to meet New T-Mobile obligations will trigger severe, increasing, and continuing voluntary contributions that will make failure prohibitively expensive and incentivize New T-Mobile to meet its commitments," the companies said Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Doesn’t harm T-Mobile as B12 is only 5x5 also and B71 isnt deployed in some of these areas Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. I think it's the lack of lowband. Band 26 speeds just kill them.
  19. I've seen that in other markets that have B41 and 15x15 B25. With all that BW what is Sprint doing wrong?
  20. Got it. It's not in my account though under devices.
  21. I see DOJ as asking for more concessions. If they just deny it, they risk Trump overruling them. More concessions can be equated to being better negotiators to some people. The FCC Chair laid out valid political reasons for approval for this administration. This allows the FCC to take any heat over the next few weeks, which DOJ can in some way address in concessions if desired. The only other constituency that may matter is any state Attorney General, and I am not certain what they can really do to a national firm, which presumably fails under interstate commerce. Still worth not having them as enemies if reasonable.
  22. I might! 🤩 Hope this helps. Under the My Sprint > Click Permissions > Once you are there click my account tab, which should take you to the old layout > Look under "your bill" you see "Recent payments" > click see details > on the right side of the page look under "I want to..." and click "see my order history", it should be a DM14 order ID and you should be able to use sprint.com/myorder to see what the orders are. It will only show once someone processed the order into the system though. Let me know if you can't access it still.
  23. Can you link that or share how to get to that (where it shows all the orders)?
  24. Ahaha! Well nothing's showing up my account yet. Patience. Haha! Use both of em!
  25. I seem to remember it getting delayed due to another issue (maybe related) that caused them to disable ‘hand-ups’ from the macro network? Oddly enough, while arriving at home this evening, my phone connected to the MB fairly quickly. Normally takes an airplane mode cycling. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll have to go see if software was updated recently.
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