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  3. Hill's Sausage Hills Meats in Pendleton, Oregon...this place is awesome!!! Yum!!
  4. I'm so ready for this to be over with, bring on the merger.
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  6. The only part of the above ideas that is palatable is T Mobile and Sprint getting together a "Network Sharing" agreement. Everything else kinda stinks. But lets face it... what will that do to Sprint? It will basically be an MVNO to itself and T-Mobile. Not really a major player anymore no matter what ... so what's the point of even having their weak name attached to anything. Fold it up! I truly think the hidden objective of the states regardless of the upcoming ruling is to stall. Keep appealing in the courts as long as possible and drag it out until the carriers have no choice but to pull the cord on the whole idea and salvage what's left. Then entire possibility of the last 2 years of negotiations and agreements being wasted is hard to even think about.
  7. Nice! Yes. I have no idea why they chose to decommission that site. It would fill a massive dead spot were it still online. AT&T has a site in that park's parking lot (at roughly 47.6908142, -122.1973845) which provides stellar coverage in the area.
  8. SoftBank isn't willing to do anything with Sprint. Sprint will need a different buyer. I do agree with getting Dishes spectrum. They have Nationwide AWS at 20x20 and my area the have 10x10 600. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  9. I do think that the merger will be approved but just in case, here's my thoughts on what should happen if it gets rejected in order of preferred outcome: 1. T-Mobile & Sprint merge their network operations into an independent company and they both become MVNOs. Dish is left out in the cold with their spectrum unused. FCC has egg in their face. Only way Dish gets their network deployed is if Amazon and/or cable cos invest in them. it could happen...the other possibility is that Dish sells their spectrum to Verizon/AT&T/T-mobile. Sprint does pretty good but they are no longer a price leader. Their pricing is rationalized and pretty close to what the other major carriers charge. 2. Sprint gets properly funded by Softbank. They buy Dish's 600Mhz/ AWS-3. They fill out their present network but do not expand beyond their current footprint. They charge for rural roaming and they price themselves rationally. They grow slowly. 3. Sprint gets acquired by a consortium of Amazon and cable cos. They use Sprint to promote their video offerings to millennials. The resulting company expands their network to provide a really solid network in the boondocks but fall short of Verizon/AT&T which is OK. They only expand where they can make money. 4. Sprint goes on without the financial support of Softbank and limps along. They shrink their network and become an urban based network. Some smaller markets and places where it does not make financial sense to have their network are dropped. They rationalize their prices and charge for roaming. Where they do offer service their network is really solid.
  10. Thanks. I thought the same about the appeal, but knowing this crowd... they might.
  11. You aren't kidding, I frequent Flat Stick in downtown a lot and other than right by the door, there is ZERO service. Additionally, up the hill to the north into Norkirk by Kirkland Jr. High and onto the Forbes Creek area are pretty much total dead zones. The only major ones I have encountered which aren't covered by any roaming either. Edit: It looks like they are getting started on the 11250 Kirkland Way site as well: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/ENR20-00296/Kirkland Edit 2: I just noticed that Clearwire/Sprint used to have a tower up by Kirkland Jr high. That tower would have definitely improved service to that area if they had converted to triband. As stated, that region is BY FAR the biggest dead zone in the area.
  12. That is actually the permit to do the physical upgrade. The original planning permit was filed in 2018 and was finally approved this month. Here is the link: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/WIR18-00056/Kirkland. Hopefully they will get that site upgraded soon. That area could really use a coverage boost.
  13. I'd give him until the beginning of February. Remember that he had the opposing sides briefs in his possession for 3-4+ months. He and his clerk(s) identified the main issues from the briefs and asked questions about it during trial. The closing arguments are really a show by the lawyers and really unnecessary when in front of a judge that actually paid attention. The reason why I think it will be delayed until the first week of February is that he needs to keep up appearances that he did not rush through it and he was deliberative and thoughtful. The last thing a judge wants to do is to give the states ammunition for an appeal.
  14. I'm starting to see 4X CA in my area. And it's using B25 and B41. So the engineering screen will show the first channel as B25 (10mhz). Then the other 3 channels will be B41 (20mhz). Download speeds are...ok. Not as high as I would expect with 4X CA (peak around 80Mbps). But upload speeds are terrible. Max around 1Mbps. But at least it's good to see them adding B25/B41 CA.
  15. I do not see that issue. I do occasionally get hiccups in using the "recents" section where I can't click on the last used app in the recents section, but have to scroll back and forth until it catches up. Minor annoyance.
  16. FYI Sprint just applied to upgrade the Portsmith Condos location from B41 MM/SC to I assume Tri-Band (as discussed). Unfortunately, no attached PDFs this time: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/BNR20-00353/Kirkland
  17. IMO closing arguments were only heard last week. I know the judge's response has already been started if not already completed; however, I think he will wait until Tunney Act proceeding is completed. Beginning of February is what I think.
  18. After the Android 10 update, has anyone had an issue like this: sometimes when I unlock the phone, the screen kinds of flashes/refreshes, then it moves to the home screen (it may have been on the second or third screen when I unlocked)?
  19. Hey bigsnake... what's your prediction as to when the Judge will issue his ruling? I'm hoping it's this week.
  20. Song of the South (Never to see the light of day again...)
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