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  2. Wow. They're really unloading things now. Holy cow. Money for everything but Sprint. Sad. It's just sad.
  3. I think you had a question a while back about if Tmo 600mhz antenna can use AWS and PCS? I have seen two towers here using B71, N71, B2, B66, B4 and 3G all from the 600mhz antenna so I guess the answer is yes.
  4. It's probably nothing. "Uncarrier" announcements have been worthless PR stunts for a while now.
  5. Here's the press release: https://www.t-mobile.com/news/press/t-mobile-announces-un-carrier-next-on-july-16/ What: Now that Sprint is part of T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS), the company will announce what’s next and how a supercharged Un-carrier will continue to change wireless for good. Who: T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert and other T-Mobile executives in a webcast hosted by Golden Globe and six-time Emmy nominee Anthony Anderson. When: Thursday, July 16, 2020 Webcast at 8:30am PT (11:30am ET) Live Media Q&A with execs immediately following Where: Watch the webcast and listen to the QA at http://t-mobile.com/uncarrier.
  6. I got the same text but I am not doing it until I see them taking away B41 backhaul.
  7. potential new "uncarrier" announcement this thursday https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/hqhhv5/sievert_you_feeling_like_this_industry_needs/ being teased as being network related
  8. This is actually a common reason that Sprint used to leave unconnected antennas at sites. It allowed them to swap in a new antenna without issue. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
  9. When an antenna is added as was the case at the site I saw this morning, that's not "like for like," at least not in the plain meaning of the term. Perhaps a lawyer could argue otherwise. - Trip
  10. Most sites are just listed as antenna upgrades so as to keep fees down and in most cases no permit is required because they are simply replacing like for like. This not only keeps pricing down, but speeds up processes with less paperwork/hoops to jump through
  11. LM960 got the IMEI boot from T-Mobile last week for UDP's. Working on a fix. Mergers are great!
  12. i've seen this a lot around here too with permits not being pulled. several years ago i could check permit reports and have an idea of when upgrades might be starting. i don't know if cities have just relaxed on tower permits or they don't record them anymore or if t-mobile just isn't following the "rules" when it comes to permits, but most of the B71 upgrades that have happened around here over the past year i haven't seen permits for.
  13. Columbus permits have lacked antenna detail for a while now, which may be related to anti 5g site violence, competive secrets, or the FCC leadership wanting licensing sped up / fees reduced.
  14. Following up on myself, my wife and I ventured to Wegmans for the first time since March this morning. The T-Mobile rack at Hayfield now has a fourth antenna, that resembles (but is taller than) the Sprint Massive MIMO antenna on the rack below it. Guessing this is the n41 gear. Oddly, I checked for permits, and there's only electrical permits, and no antenna replacement/addition permit. Not sure what to make of that. - Trip
  15. So here's my crazy prediction: I believe they'll wait that long to ensure that basically all of AT&T's customers will have phones capable of doing LTE in CLR, and WCW's customers will all be VoLTE capable. In addition to the obvious "acquire one company at a time" thing, even though WCW is tiny in comparison with Sprint.
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  17. You need to be concerned with TMobile going forward and not Sprint. That brand is obviously being killed so there is nothing to worry about. If rumor pans out, the Sprint brand will be all but retired on August 2nd. You're a TMobile customer now. We all are.
  18. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Look how B/n71 is deployed in NYC - it's built out to make their 5G coverage map look good, but otherwise provide no real benefit.
  19. I had another question. I saw that Sprint was selling the Oneplus on the website. The store told me I need to make changes to my plan and I cannot buy the phone outright. I have the family 1500 which is a very old plan. I don't want to make any changes to my current plan so I may not be able to buy the phone from Sprint. If I buy the phone directly from oneplus I saw it said Verizon, t mobile and AT&T. Will this work for sprint too even though it is not listed on the site but says T mobile?
  20. The OnePlus 8 phone is good post-merger. The first 5G phones such as the Galaxy S10 are obsolete.
  21. And to be quite frank mmwave is largely useless at this point and will remain as such for quite some time. It's just too isolated and doesn't scale. The speeds TMO will get out of 2.5 are gonna be extremely impressive as it is. I think TMobile will find that they don't even need mmwave as much as they were planning when 600 and 2.5 are perfectly capable of blanketing the nation in a very robust and speedy network.
  22. It can be used. T-mobile sells the same device and it works with N71 and N41 using T-mobile anchor bands. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  23. If att has 3 different non contiguous carriers it's possible they would swap
  24. it will be able to use 5G. N71 and N41 are both sub6 GHz. Just not Mmwave Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  25. Thanks. I saw this too. Seems like it "should" continue with 5G even post merger but probably still up in the air. I will follow this closely.
  26. Is B2 10x10 or 15x15? Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
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