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  1. Tim Yu
    Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
    Friday, December 14, 2018 - 11:00 PM PDT

    Beginning today on the Sprint subreddit, individuals can begin submitting questions in this thread that will be forwarded to Ms. Schnellbacher to answer at his leisure in a few days time. 

    Who is Mr. Jason Schnellbacher you may ask?



    George “Jason” Schnellbacher is the cross-functional leader of the Magic Box program – from Masa’s (Masayoshi Son) secret project to one of the most successful and award-winning programs in the history of Sprint.

    Most of his nineteen-year career has been with Sprint with positions in the Office of the CEO, Customer Care, Business Sales, Office of the CTO, Corporate Development and Strategy, and Network Development. Prior to joining Sprint, he was part of the Accenture Communications and High Tech consulting group. Mr. Schnellbacher has 4 issued patents and is regularly asked to work on new emerging technologies.

    In the current role, responsibilities include program leadership, product management, strategic deployments, and achieving life cycle operational efficiencies for Magic Box and the broader Service Enhancing Equipment portfolio.

    Prior to 2016, Mr. Schnellbacher was a frequent speaker and panelist at domestic and international technology conferences as a subject matter expert in the areas of WiFi, small cells, 4G, global roaming, and enterprise wireless converged solutions. Mr. Schnellbacher graduated Magna Cum Laude from Baker University, a private liberal arts university in Kansas, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a minor in Economics. He lives in Overland Park, KS and is married with six children.


    So go forth and submit all your questions about Sprint Magic Box's, small cells, and other Sprint related stuff!