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Found 29 results


    S4GRU members, want to see your name up in lights? Here is your chance...The WiMax countdown clock is up on the front page of The Forums. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/index As a fundraiser for S4GRU, you can claim "naming rights" to the WiMax countdown clock for a day for a $20 donation. Now, who will step up to the plate and meet my challenge to keep the sponsorship going? Celebrate the shutdown of WiMax! Show your support for multiple B41 carriers and carrier aggregation. And, of course, see your name get recognized by tens of thousands of others around the country. Just make a $20 PayPal donation, put "WiMax Countdown" in the message, and the clock is yours for a day (or more). You can sponsor as many days as you like. This is open to anyone, including S4GRU Staff. Only banned members cannot participate. Donations will counted toward your membership cumulative totals, including upgrades to Sponsor, Premier Sponsor and Honored Premier status. Donations will go to the next open day available to be Sponsored. We will not allow specific days to be selected. We are auctioning off the final day. The highest bidder will get the Sponsor privileges of the final day. See post below for more info. Help support S4GRU and be a part of history as WiMax fades off into the sunset. Click here to donate and Sponsor the WiMax Clock
  2. I am presently customer of the old Clearwire for home internet service. By twist of fate, there are no other high-speed internet providers in my area - NOTHING! - unless you consider satellite services. Clearwire was reluctant to give me a CLEAR EXPRESS HUB and sign me up originally because my home is literally shown to be in a marginal area of service. My lot was shown to be covered but not the adjacent lots (not sure how that happens?). Anyway, they gave me the modem and I experience around 6 Mbps downloads and 1 Mbps uploads (with an outside antenna). For someone coming off dial-up and satellite (Wildblue) these speeds were terrific! I am happy! I understand my service is not as good as many others, but for this area it is fabulous! With the recent announcements that Clearwire's Wimax service will be phased out by the end of 2015 - I am on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop. I live in Canal Winchester (suburb of Columbus, OH) and would be devastated If I lost my Clearwire service and we are not part of some Sprint LTE upgrade that will allow us to obtain high-speed internet when Clearwire goes away Why isn't Sprint more open about their future plans to provide service to areas they acquired from Clearwire, including types of services and time frames other then generalities that I sometimes see published. The tower I ping off of is located in Columbus (moderate density housing) and I have to believe that Columbus (15th largest city in the USA) would be near the top. The tower is 3 to 4 miles away.
  3. Will WiMax really go away or may stay...

    I found this while looking at FreedomPop's site and followed some of the links. It seems like that FP is part of connect2compete.org and they offer services for schools and other non-profits via mobilecitizen.org. Now I found this on their website: Mobile Citizen's wireless broadband is powered by WiMAX, a 4G technology from CLEAR. In 2006, CLEAR entered into a 30-year excess capacity agreement with the five EBS licensees which established Mobile Citizen. This agreement allows Mobile Citizen to offer advanced mobile broadband service exclusively to schools and nonprofits, helping to further learning and productivity by providing internet access beyond the classroom or office. Mobile Citizen has been providing its low-cost mobile Internet services since 2009. ---- Now their prices are really great and $120 for unlimited Internet is not bad. But will they transistion to LTE eventually or will Sprint / Clearwire keep some WiMax runnung which covers their EBS licensees?
  4. Clear site upgrade in KC

    Yesterday I noticed workers up on a tower out in the south part of the KC area. I took some photos that show what must be an upgrade to TD-LTE at the Clear site. Bill
  5. Huawei DBS 3900 TD-LTE / Wimax eRAN Equipment The following photographs are pictures of Huawei dual mode capable Wimax / TD-LTE RRU (remote radio units) as part of a DBS 3900 series setup. These equipment were originally made for the Clearwire Wimax deployment and are now being re-purposed via software upgrades to enable TD-LTE capabilities. The Huawei equipment currently used by Clearwire are temporary and will be replaced by one of the TD-LTE vendors (Samsung / Alcatel-lucent / Nokia Solutions & Networks ) in the near future. As of 2017, all Huawei equipment has been decommissioned. Huawei RRU 3702 + Antennae Huawei RRU More Credits to Whomever took these photographs - you know who you are ;-) .FCC
  6. CDMA is leaps and bounds better then GSM... And LTE was built upon GSM... And WiMAX is a little something different. What did Qualcomm have as their 4G initiative? Was it better then LTE/WiMAX? Was Qualcomm involved in either LTE/WiMAX development? Any CDMA goodness within either?
  7. Samsung TDD-LTE gear which are being utilized in Clearwire priority sites. . Clearwire - Samsung TDD-LTE RRH SLS-BD106Q & Antennas Samsung TD-LTE RRUs mounted behind BRS/EBS Antenna Sprint 2500-2600 mhz TD-LTE Setup Note the Antennas are much thicker and fatter than the antennas being utilized by Sprint Network Vision. Clearwire TD-LTE Base Station / Cabinet May be subject to change as TD-LTE sites start being integrated into the Network Vision setups. Happy Hunting! I'll clean the post up this weekend when I have more time. Courtesy of Sbolen from Missouri market. Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD104Q1 Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD106Q
  8. When I received this month's Sprint bill there was a note on page 2 that the Terms & Conditions would be changing. Following the link www.sprint.com/termsandconditions I found this: New Agreements on the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) Network: Your Service on a device activated on the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) Network may require a new one or two-year Agreement per line. Sprint expressly reserves the right to migrate your Service during this Agreement term from the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) Network to the Sprint 4G LTE network to complete your Agreement term. Reasonable advance notice of the Service change will be provided to impacted customers, who can then select one of the following options: (a) Choose to complete the Agreement term using your existing device without 4G (WiMAX) capability ( Elect to complete the Agreement term by contacting us after receiving notice from Sprint to transition to the Sprint 4G LTE network with no additional term commitment required (Transition Option)© Deactivate service. Deactivations because of this Service change will not result in an Early Termination Fee (ETF). Transition Option: If you select the Transition Option, you will receive a free standard Sprint LTE capable device and can maintain your existing Service plan, if available. During the Agreement term, Sprint may provide other offers that are separate from the Transition Option, and these offers will be subject to a new two-year Agreement per line. Has anyone else received the same T&C notice in their latest Sprint bill or know the details of these WiMax agreements?
  9. Once LTE is rolled out on 1900, 800, and 2500 what is Sprint - assuming it owns Clearwire - going to do with WiMax towers/equipment? 1) Is it costing them much to simply "keep the lights on" for the declining number of WiMax people? 2) Is it "costing" them in terms of occupying spectrum that could be used for LTE? 3) At some number of users - 5 mil, 1mil, 100k, etc. - will Sprint decide it's cheaper to do a device exchange for LTE-equivalents instead of maintaining WiMax? 4) Once someone's contract is up, does Sprint have the legal right to simply stop WiMax service? Would they do something like that and risk customer backlash? Also, how would the answers to any of these question differ if Sprint does NOT own Clearwire outright but instead is left with a 65% stake? http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/softbank-ceo-sees-no-need-sprint-raise-clearwire-offer/2013-05-01
  10. Questions About Clear/Clearwire

    When should their LTE Network roll out and does clear plan to offer LTE Devices for their Clear/Clearwire customers? or are they selling LTE Capacity and continuing their WiMAX network.
  11. Wimax in Chicago

    I visited Chicago last week and I was impressed with the 4G Wimax Coverage in the City. I was connected to 4G at O'Hare airport, while traveling on the metro, Downtown Chicago , Millenium Park, even on the 103rd floor at the Willis Tower, Logan Square and others. Speed was great and no Wimax disconnects on my phone. (Nexus S 4G) After using 4G in California ( Orange County, LA, Inland Empire) and Las Vegas, I was dissapointed of the terrible coverage. I thought wimax coverage was going to be spotty due to buildings blocking signals. Wish we had that type of service here in California specially in the OC area
  12. FreedomPop announced today that they now have an agreement with Sprint to use their 3G and LTE network. They will initially launch using Clearwire's WiMax network. By the end of the year FreedomPop will start deploying sleeves with Sprint's 3G and LTE support. In 2013 FreedomPop will stop using Clearwire's network for Sprint's but may go back to Clearwire for extra capacity. For more info go to the following link: http://gigaom.com/mobile/mvno-freedompop-swaps-clearwires-wimax-for-sprints-lte/
  13. i wanted to know what round will maryland be in and is nv going underway in this market right now i have seen speeds 1.5 to 2 megs down consistantly before it was under 600 kps so i wanted to ask
  14. I snapped a few pictures of the 3 closest towers to my house, trying to identify the sprint equipment (and clear wimax). One of them is obvious because its a single head on top of a building by the airport, but the rest I'm clueless on. Can anyone help me identify what equipment belongs to who on these towers? DE73XC878 - Remy Dr, Lansing, MI (I don't know enough about the panels, but it looks like two different types on this site. It's on top of a small building near the airport.) DSC_1609 by jefbal99_, on Flickr DE60XC036 - Stanley St, Lansing, MI (Pretty sure there is WiMax on this tower, based on looking at the clear.com/coverage maps. Also, closest to my house) DSC_1599 by jefbal99_, on Flickr DE33XC553 - Filley St (Shared tower by the railroad tracks. I have closer pictures of the individual panels if needed, but this was the only one with everything) DSC_1603 by jefbal99_, on Flickr
  15. Hello Everyone

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, looking to make new cyber friends, and looking for answer about Sprint's service and updates on 3G, 4G, and Wimax. Been waiting patiently for Sprint to get it together, and fix all the issues they have been having.....I been quite the sport! I just hope they fix the data speeds all over the country, before they lose even more people over it! Why have unlimited data, when you can barely use it......smh.....Unlimited is very useless in my area, and it sucks! Thanks for your time!
  16. Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    When will the North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, & Wilmington) areas start with LTE Network Vision? When will we expect coverage in the area? Also, how good will this Advance 3G be when revised for better data speed coverage?
  17. Rumor has it that the EVO 3D will soon migrate from Sprint over to Sprint's pre-paid division, Virgin Mobile. This will be a pretty nice offering for a prepaid carrier, especially since its getting Android 4.0/ICS "soon." Additionally, If it brings unlimited 4G (WiMax) data along with it.. It would be a steal for those with solid 4G WiMax coverage. I think some people are going to have a great option available if this holds true. http://phandroid.com...s-htc-evo-v-4g/
  18. Danny Bullard Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 8:59 PM MDT Looking to buy a smartphone but not looking to spend $200+? Look no further! WireFly and Sprint are selling HTC EVO 3D for a low price of $0, yes free. Requires you to be a new customer or adding a new line of service. The EVO 3D can still hang with some of the higher end smart phones. The 3D has a dual core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.3" qHD display and dual 5MP cameras that can take 3D shots and video. Plus, the EVO 3D is slated to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich this year. So, who will be heading over to WireFly's site or Sprint's site to order a free EVO 3D? Or, are you waiting for Sprint's LTE Galaxy Nexus? Sound off in the comments! Source: Sprint, Wirefly
  19. Jeff Foster Sprint 4G Rollout Update Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 12:18 PM MDT The forerunner of Clearwire was a Texas based company then known as Clearwire Technologies, Inc. Clearwire Technologies raised at least $100 million and used it to acquire spectrum allocated to various educational institutions known as EBS or Educational Broadband Service. In 2007, Clearwire and Sprint Nextel announced a partnership to accelerate deployment of WiMAX technology across the US. In 2008, Sprint's new CEO Dan Hesse started serious discussions about forming a joint venture between the two companies in the hopes of bringing in outside funding. Sprint owns 54% of the firm; a consortium of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Intel, Google and Bright House Networks investing $3.2 billion and owning the balance. Jump to today, and CLEAR 4G is available in 35 of the top 40 MSAs in the country covering 130 million people. Clearwire has had its shares of setbacks in the past several years with the promise of WiMax fading and the explosive growth of the newest 4G standard – LTE. Even with this impediment, Clearwire has something to crow about. Clearwire TD-LTE is headed to some of the highest demand areas first Clearwire CFO Hope Cochran, speaking at a conference sponsored by Goldman Sachs, said her company has the resources that even the top national wireless carriers should envy. Cochran pointed out that Clearwire's network usage jumped more than 700% in 2011. The important thing to note here is that most of that data torrent was driven not by new subscribers, but by existing subscribers greatly increasing their data usage. "Customers are finding more applications and downloading more videos," she said. This, according to Cochran, will be the Achilles' heel for AT&T and Verizon, as well as for Sprint. Sprint will launch its LTE network in mid-2012. Cochran estimates that the LTE network that Sprint will deploy will be able to handle only 5.6 terabytes of data per site per year. AT&T and Verizon, which operate in a different frequency range, will have 22 terabytes per site per year capacity. Clearwire's network carries 22 terabytes today. The company has ~16,000 WiMax cell sites and about one-half of them carry 80 percent to 90 percent of Clearwire's network traffic. Clearwire plans to overlay its WiMAX network with around 8,000 TD-LTE cell sites--Cochran said the move would allow Clearwire to put LTE capacity in areas where its network usage is the greatest. Come and get it boys! Soup's on!!! Clearwire is anticipating to have a tremendous amount of surplus capacity available. So when the big carriers run out of their capacity -- and Cochran thinks that will be sooner rather than later -- the big mobile carriers will have few options other than to divert their LTE traffic to Clearwire's network. Clearwire's future is still very much dependent on its relationship with Sprint. If Clearwire can manage to keep its head above water until more regionals, and ultimately Verizon and AT&T reach the end of their spectrum, the network may indeed be able to reap rewards from the insatiable needs of the major carriers' subscribers. As Cochran told the conference, "We see our own trends, and that is the appetite for data is tremendous." Sources: Fierce Wireless, Fool.com, Wikipedia
  20. Clearwire says that usage on their network increased 705% year over year in 2011! (Via Fiercewireless): http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/clearwire-usage-our-network-increased-705-year-over-year/2012-03-22
  21. Danny Bullard Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 11:39 AM MDT FreedomPop is a company that aims to provide free broadband, founded by Niklas Zennstrom (Skype Founder). FreedomPop plans on releasing a case for the iPhone 4/4S with an integrated 4G WiMax radio according to a "high level source inside FreedomPop." Not only will it allow your iPhone device to use a 4G signal, but this case will be able to share a WiMax connection with up to eight devices, for 30 hours. At the moment, FreedomPop hasn't committed to a release date. Each iPhone case user will have a 1 GB of free data starting off. If you go over the 1 gig cap, it'll cost you $10 per gigabyte or 10 cents per MB. According to TechCrunch's sources, you'll have to put down a $100 deposit for this case. The deposit is refundable if the case is in "good" condition. This case will allow your 3G iPhone 4/4S run on Clearwire's 4G WiMax network. Pretty neat huh? All you have to do is slide your iPhone into the case and BAM you have 4G if you're in a Clear 4G market. We know this case will not beat Verizon's 4G LTE speeds or AT&T's LTE speeds, but it will be a good alternative to 3G (especially on Sprint and Verizon) and users who don't have 4G devices (iPhone users). The Clear 4G footprint covers 130 million POPs. FreedomPop struck their wholesale agreement with Clearwire in February. This concept isn't entirely new. We saw something very similar to this debut on Sprint in November of 2010. It was a ZTE manufactured peel that gave users access to Sprint's 3G EVDO network. ZTE's peel got decent reviews from buyers. A lot of people liked that the peel brought decent data speeds without a contract. It was a wonderful idea, hopefully FreedomPop can improve on what ZTE started on Sprint's network. So, is this innovation at it's finest? I'd say not really, but if FreedomPop markets this case enough, it could be a huge hit. Source: TechCrunch.com, FierceWireless
  22. Hello all, I have done a bit of research and I cannot find a definite answer to my question: Will the Sprint Galaxy Nexus have both wimax and LTE radios? I have wimax in my area now (Jacksonville, fl), but it's kinda weak in a lot of places. And I don't see any plans for LTE in my city. I really like the Nexus, but I don't want to switch to an LTE-only phone when I don't have LTE yet. (Yes, I can use 3G, but I do use wimax from time-to-time and I will miss the speeds.) Does anyone know if both radios are possible? (Also, any info on J-ville receiving LTE?) Thanks!
  23. by Jeff Foster Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 4:30 PM MST Hearken back to April 2010 when Sprint announced the HTC EVO 4G and thus, became the first carrier to introduce a 4G device. Oh, the excitement! It was 4G WiMax, but who cared? Not many thought LTE would be such an overwhelmingly dominant 4G technology so quickly in the future. Of course, we later learned that WiMax didn’t pan out in America in the way Sprint had hoped. LTE has now become the global standard in fourth-generation wireless. Verizon and AT&T are using LTE for their 4G networks and most other U.S. carriers have planned or are even starting to implement their own LTE network. Sprint has now begun the progression of transferring from WiMax over to LTE for its 4G technology. At the CES exposition, Sprint announced three new LTE devices, two of them being smartphones. The LG Viper, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a dual 4G WiMax/LTE hotspot. It looks to be several more months before any of them are released. Earliest rumors calling for Mid-April. However, Sprint's last final word was Mid 2012. Sprint has said the first LTE markets won’t go live until approximately June of this year. The initial launch markets officially announced by Sprint are Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Kansas City and Baltimore, with additional markets coming online later in the year. (S4GRU has announced many of these other markets *wink*) So what happens to existing stocks of WiMax smartphones? Promotional Sales, of course! Sprint has committed to keeping the WiMax network running up until 2015. That is several more years of WiMax network availability. A network that Sprint estimates will get significantly less burdened between now and 2015 (see graphic at bottom of page). More free space for you to stretch out those data consuming legs. WiMax Subscription Forecast. WiMax subscriber numbers are expected to drop by 10% this year and then really start dropping fast. The closer we get to the middle of 2012, the more aggressive the pricing will likely get and the better the deals that will probably come available. Especially from the third party retailers. After all, who wants to be stuck with worthless paper weights when the goodness of LTE is right around the corner? If you’re in the market for a phone now, depending on your needs, you may want to wait for a LTE device. However if your phone is acting froggy, you dropped it last night, or its just on its last legs and you need a replacement, then maybe a new WiMax device is a good choice for you. Best Buy recently had several WiMax devices on sale with a new contract for as low as $49.99. Including the Evo 3D. These deals are likely to keep repeating themselves all over the internet into the forseeable future until all WiMax devices supplies are wiped out. If you live in a solid WiMax market, and you're in need of a new device, it may make sense to pull the trigger and pick one up. Or if you have solid 3G coverage, and don't even care about 4G service. You will be able to score some really solid devices for great prices. And if you find a great deal, post it in the S4GRU.com forums! WhyMaxxx photo courtesy of Gizmodo.com
  24. Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 15 January 2012 I've released a file on XDA which is the final piece to the WiMax settings puzzle for our E4GT.. editing the WiMax MAC address. Maybe this can help someone out. Epic 4G Touch is officially now the coolest WiMax device out there http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=21445868
  25. There are a few places that have coverage, but for some reason do not show up on Clear's Coverage Maps. I have added this sticky forum post to keep track of them. I will update this note as they appear (or disappear). Cloquet, Minnesota. The tower went live back in March 2011. It was initiallly on Clear's maps, but disappeared. The tower was recently confirmed as still operational, though not showing. You can view some of the coverage from Sensorly Android users at http://sensorly.com Allentown, Pennsylvania. I received an e-mail back in July that someone was able to get a WiMax signal just south of Bethlehem. Also, a poster in the official Sprint forums mentioned they received a WiMax signal on the south side of Allentown. Also, Sensorly.com shows one blip of WiMax coverage being reported. However, recent comments from folks in the area cannot substantiate this phantom site. Let me know if you are able to connect to it. POSSIBLE OTHER PHANTOM SITES: Fallbrook, California. A blips appears on Sensorly's site along I-15 near the CA-76 exit, SE of Fallbrook towards Paia. Looking for confirmation that there is a signal in this location. Moreno Valley, California. A blip appears on Sensorly's site on I-215 on the west side of Moreno Valley near Edgemont. Looking for verification that this is real coverage from a protection site. Perris, California. A double blip of coverage has shown up on Sensorly on the I-215 corridor through Perris. Looking for verification of this protection site. Eaton Rapids/Springport, Michigan. In a remote spot between the South Central Michigan towns of Eaton Rapids and Springport, a blip of coverage is hown up on Sensorly's maps. Is this a legit prptection site? Or a GPS malfunction? Hobbs, New Mexico. This town is not showing on Clear's coverage maps, but there was a mysterious blip that showed up on Sensorly a few miles west of town. Looking for confirmation if any Sprint 4G users go through this area. Could be a GPS error on the device that reported it to Sensorly. Rocky Mount/Wilson Regional Airport, North Carolina. There is definitely confirmed Protection Sites in the cities of Rocky Mount and Wilson. However, there is a blip along I-95 that has shown up on Sensorly near the Rocky Mount/Wilson Regional Airport. This area would be out of range of the other two towers. Is this a Phantom Site not shown on Clear's Coverage Maps? Milford, Texas. Right along I-35E, between Dallas and Hillsboro, a blip of coverage is showing up on Sensorly's website, that is not shown on Clear's coverage maps. Looking for confirmation of this site. HISTORY: Des Moines, Iowa. In November 2011, Des Moines was removed from the list. The two WiMax towers there have re-appeared back on the coverage maps at clear.com. Ventura/Oxnard, California. In October 2011, Ventura and Oxnard were removed from the list. The one WiMax tower there has appeared on the coverage maps at clear.com. Asbury Park, New Jersey. Removed from the list when coverage showed up on the evening of September 12th on Clear.com's website. Houghton/Hancock, Michigan. The twin burgs were removed from the list when they reaopeared back on Clear's Coverage Maps on August 16th, after being gone for 2 months. Kankakee, Illinois. Coverage finally showed up on coverage maps the evening of July 27th. Thanks to Rai Diaz who discovered this operating cell before Clear even showed it on their map!!! In early July, the tower in Fortuna Foothills, Arizona (just east of Yuma) disappeared from coverage. However, it re-appeared on July 26th. On one message board, it said that it was taken down temporarily because it interfered with an operator in Mexico and now has been rectified. I have been unable to confirm this mystery.