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  1. Valve has given you the tools to spot review bombing. Not that hard. https://t.co/GylX15abN3

  2. RT @AcademicAgent: Here is the table from Vedder and Galloway that Sowell references which demolishes the FDR's intervention stopped the Gr…

  3. RT @DanielVavra: Developing new content with new AI behavior, hundreds of new character animations withe different skeleton, new quests, vo…

  4. You are a fucking retard. https://t.co/JS6xaTEnMZ

  5. RT @guypbenson: POLITICO/Morning Consult: “All companies who cut business ties with the NRA last week saw their public opinion decline this…

  6. Law enforcement...I hope https://t.co/pS5qynihVW

  7. RT @back_ttys: I don't know if @cnn is familiar with this Cuomo guy, but maybe they can get a camera crew out to his house to let him know…

  8. has seen Liverpool draw 0-0 against Cardiff.

  9. RT @benshapiro: You seem like you were dropped on your head as a baby https://t.co/tEhin8sNET

  10. RT @jonathanchait: McMullin worked undercover in the CIA for 10 years. https://t.co/cqhlB8alZh

  11. RT @RubinReport: Definitely gonna do this soon. Phillip K. Dick is gonna look more like a prophet than a fiction writer. Who should I have…

  12. RT @VioletZer0: "Take the time to listen to people of color and women. You don't have to agree with them. You could think they're totally n…

  13. You forgot how evil WWE is as a company to complete your virtue signaling https://t.co/UX61yqUvDG

  14. RT @NewWorldHominin: I enjoyed the discussion today on "Academic Freedom for Students." It was quite tense though, with all of the jeering.…

  15. RT @bennyjohnson: We live in a free, thriving society today because millions of brave, good young men sacrificed their lives on foreign (&…