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  1. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Monster Car
  2. So let me get this straight, Robbiati was instrumental in helping Sprint cut cost and he is to be replaced by Combes who resigned at Altice because that company was losing a lot of customers. Things that make you go hmmmm.
  3. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Moon Boots
  4. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    I go there usually once a month for the movies and I find the same thing. There are still some areas throughout the city that the signal is struggling.
  5. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Mini Van
  6. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Wet Fart
  7. Maybe it's my cyber bully alarm going off, but shouldn't whoever leaked that memo, scratch off the direct office phone number for Claure?
  8. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Model Train (with Tornado)
  9. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Wagon Train
  10. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Shaq costume
  11. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Rumors won't end, in fact there will be one every 15 min. lol
  12. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Another hour another rumor report. lol