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  1. Seems to be back up in Menomonee Falls, WI. Hopefully the rest of the state will also be back up.
  2. Milwaukee and Madison are also having problems.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I just got it tonight as well. Now hopefully I'll be able to make and receive calls in our mobile home up north. I'll see this weekend.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I hear it on mine as well. I got mine on launch day.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    Downloaded the update during my lunch and it seems to have fixed the LTE issue. I was getting band 26 for a while, but it's fallen back to regular LTE. Actually the band 26 was a stronger signal than the non-band 26.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    Mine just shows LTE (Sprint) in the notification menu, and in the app, System Shortcuts -> Debug/Engineering I get a message saying Debug/Engineering screens may not be available on this device".
  7. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I have SignalCheck Pro running, but from the screenshot, can't decipher the band. I was able to see I am on band 25 using the *#0011# method though.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    Pardon the "newbie" question, but how do I determine what LTE band I am on?
  9. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    According to "About device", the Software version is G900PVPU1ANCB I did notice though that I need to redo it when I go between work and home, so it's not a complete fix.
  10. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I was corresponding with @sprintcares via Twitter and they had me enter ##72786# to go into hands free activation and after a few restarts and system updates I got the LTE to stay. Might work for some of you.
  11. Network Vision/LTE - Milwaukee Market (including Madison)

    Thanks. I thought it was odd, but over all am satisfied with the phone. Sprint did remove the Download Booster that would allow you to download over Wi-Fi and LTE at the same time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. Network Vision/LTE - Milwaukee Market (including Madison)

    Got the Galaxy S5 today and so far really like it. I did notice in SignalCheck Pro I only get an LTE connection, no 1xRTT Haven't tried to make a voice call yet, but did run a speed test and got 5-6 Mbps down and 3-5 Mbps up. SC Pro no longer shows my tower though.
  13. Looks like the tower in Tomahawk, WI just got updated to 4G. Can't wait until I get back up there to see if it helps my signal at the cottage which is northwest of Tomahawk.
  14. Network Vision/LTE - Milwaukee Market (including Madison)

    Getting 4G at my work (Good Hope Rd & Appleton Ave. in Menomonee Falls) this morning. On my Galaxy S4 I got 6.24 down and 1.82 up. On my iPad Air I got 4.82 down and 0.56 up.
  15. Network Vision/LTE - Milwaukee Market (including Madison)

    Anyone else in the Milwaukee/Menomonee Falls area having data problems today? My eHRPD signal seems to go in and out all morning. The 1x800 is very strong though. Maybe they're doing some work on the tower my signal is coming from.