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  1. I got 55 down and 20 up on band 25 10x10.
  2. band 25 10 x10 spread like wild fire in Delaware and Pa area. This helping band 41 alot. I notice band 26 improved because stay on band 25 longer now.
  3. Felton good too go. and all route 1 covered too.
  4. hacks point flagpole still no lte.
  5. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    i got 225 mbps in Delaware
  6. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    what' the purpose band 41 and 25 ca.
  7. Think only couple sites left ,but I don' know they are live or not now.
  8. yes it has lte on 1 site on 13 that I don' know it has backhaul yet going that way next week .
  9. I think all site will have lte in Delaware market .
  10. i rode over there saw it last week with lift still next flag pole no lte yet visit it again soon.
  11. seeing 2 carriers go live band 25and some 10x10band 25 sites.
  12. It was all gmos waiting on backhaul , aka they do did not care about them last couple years.
  13. they are almost done all towers get lte. next band 41 add.