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  1. VoLTE/Calling+ on iPhone

    It's possible that when VoLTE prioritization goes into effect, what you're seeing will go away. -105 to -115 should be completely usable, especially on a low-bandwidth voice call. It's possible that the sites are overloaded with other traffic and low signal just amplifies the problem.
  2. VoLTE/Calling+ on iPhone

    This would ensure that when there's call drops, the user would at least know why. Opt-in would be great, I'd love to start testing it in my market. Every site here is LTE with no drops, I think the experience would be positive.
  3. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Understood - but I doubt this is the case with the question at hand. Barely any Sprint phones support this and it's currently opt-in for it to work.
  4. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    If he has an Airave2, he should call and get it swapped out for an Airave 3 LTE. The Airave 3 broadcasts 1x, 3G, and LTE, whereas the Magic Box only broadcasts LTE. Right now, calls don't go over LTE, so a Magic box won't assist with calling. Airave 3 doesn't do HD voice either. When Voice over LTE is implemented in the future, calls will be HD and go over the LTE that the Airave broadcasts.
  5. Orbic Wonder

    This phone looks to have some pretty modern specs despite its $179 price. http://www.orbic.us/content/documents/orbic_wonder-spec_sheet-100317.pdf USB-C, VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling, HPUE (!), and B25/B25 B25/B26 carrier aggregation. No mention of B41 CA but I'm assuming it's 2xCA or 3xCA. I'm considering picking one up to use with SignalCheck. Anyone picked one up yet?
  6. Drove up to Ithaca today and mapped RT96 on Sensorly. Full LTE the whole way! Sitting in Ithaca commons right now, every business has full LTE indoors. I’m curious if they have a small-cell here - the service is excellent. EDIT: Went to a few more buildings, my phone is locked onto an extremely strong Band 25 signal even within brick hallways. I didn't see Band 26 once. Really, really good signal here.
  7. Is anyone testing Calling Plus in the wild? The two devices currently compatible are the LG Stylo 3 and Samsung J7 Perx. The service supposedly went live on 5/31/17. "Calling Plus" bullet points, gathered from Reddit: Voice is transmitted over LTE Voice is not prioritized at the network level like in a traditional VoLTE implementation (Saturated LTE will cause call quality degradation) Simultaneous voice and data VoLTE/VoWi-Fi smooth handoffs both ways No 1x fallback I'm really interested in hearing early impressions of this quiet rollout.
  8. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Yup. Even if it technically IS Calling Plus on the backend, on the iPhone it will likely just use the same verbiage as it does on other VoLTE iPhones. "Use LTE for Voice & Data"
  9. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Installing now, I might've waited if I saw this first! Hopefully a few more betas and perhaps it will "just work," rather than a setting appearing. New Carrier Sprint 31.5.1
  10. Network Mapping

    I'll be mapping Binghamton to Ithaca, NY next Friday. Fully deployed but not much on Sensorly!
  11. Felton site is showing B25/B26 LTE live in GLANCE, per a store employee on Reddit. Just hasn't caught up yet on the coverage map. :-)
  12. Orbic Wonder

    Curious if this device truly does support HPUE, as that Qualcomm page doesn't specify it. But the Orbic tech sheet does. Can any signal apps confirm if HPUE is active on an Android device?
  13. Orbic Wonder

    The $179 price might be a giveaway, too.
  14. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Ha, well, at least you discovered a solution for those that this happens to in the future! Shouldn't have to do it, but it works. :-)
  15. Planning a trip to Phoenix/Sedona/Grand Canyon later this year. I noticed the Grand Canyon now has Extended LTE roaming on Sprint. Who is the provider there?
  16. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    If the device supports B25/26 aggregation at launch, does this mean Sprint's network also will?
  17. sprint network 2018 predictions

    I am hoping there is at least an "opt-in" way to do VoLTE on iOS by the end of 2018. Kind of like how Verizon added the feature when they rolled it out, but it wasn't on by default. My market is totally ready for it, but I understand that many aren't quite there yet.
  18. Official Magic Box discussion thread

  19. Is the Felton site live with LTE yet? All coverage maps lead to "no," but perhaps it just hasn't caught up yet. Maps were about 1-2mo behind for my home market.
  20. Sprint Home Wifi Router [Wi-Fi Connect][Asus AC66u]

    Following up on my findings regarding the 80-85Mbps speed cap on this router... Brother in law just got another one of these routers and hooked it up to his 100Mbps internet. He's experiencing the same thing. Whether wired or wireless, the internet will not test higher than 80-85Mbps. I turned off Smart Connect, tried different SSIDs, doesn't seem to make a difference. If anything, I'm very surprised the wired side is limited to 80-85Mbps to the WAN. I confirmed both routers have a gigabit connection to the modems, as indicated by the connection lights. I know flashing the firmware will more than likely fix this, but I'm not about to do that on 2-3 more routers as my friends and family get them. :-) Just curious if anyone has found a fix on the stock firmware, perhaps a setting buried somewhere that could be causing this.
  21. These are fairly recent GMO LTE conversions so that is great news they're sending the techs back to improve them yet again. :-)
  22. Thanks, so single-band LTE until they are eventually converted to full-build? No chance of a B26 carrier card on GMOs? (I feel like I knew all of this back in 2013 but forgot!)
  23. Is there any indication as to how these highway builds were done after going 3G-->LTE? Are they still ground mount RRUs running B25-only with B26 planned shortly in the future? This would explain some of the LTE drops I've seen on I-81 and I-88 that were recently converted to LTE.
  24. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    What would cause a Magic Box to not broadcast LTE, but be connected to GPS and the macro site? -117dBm B25 connection, has always worked just fine. Went to in-law's house today and had no LTE at all. Rebooted, no change.