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  1. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    https://imgur.com/a/9AA85 It has an RJ45 input on the back of the eNb board, say if they need to dial in. The WiFi may just be for the same thing, but easier to access.
  2. Phone restarting

    Looks just like my OG equipment.
  3. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    That makes a ton of sense! Thanks, I didn't dig that far yet. You guys are the best.
  4. Phone restarting

    I thought of you when it happened.
  5. Phone restarting

    Yeah actually, our Nexus 6p power cycled about two days ago, then yesterday. best part; then our 5x did, and went into bootloop sickness finally. We are now the proud owners of a z2 force that rebooted 5 minutes ago. What gives?
  6. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Also something I am curious about, The Ninja has what looks to be 2 GPS u.fl and two LTE ports. I have only seen PCIe chips with one GPS port. Is that just a newer, better GPS radio than the unit I am using, which has one or is it possibly because of the LTE relay capabilities? They both plug into the Ninja. Maybe Mr Tim or AJ could help us out with that one.
  7. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yes, that is the LTE radio. The FCC docs don't have any components on the boards so I wondered what it looked like in there all put together, so I took it apart.
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/wRoKXpqX5CJDjwev1 Looks like this guy has an eSIM, or at least the slot is empty on the Ninja radio side of the board. First device I have seen that in yet. Neat.
  9. The Magic Box 6 months later

    Took a couple days after work but I found the Ninja modem inside this thing. Time to hook up some big 'ol antennae to this puppy.
  10. https://www.tapinto.net/towns/belmar-slash-lake-como/articles/towering-78-foot-cell-pole-comes-down-near-belmar Mobilitie is making MOAR friends in New Jersey.
  11. It has an LTE radio, so that requires a sim card to authenticate on the network. Sim cards are given numbers to make the handshake, also so the network knows who it is talking to on a data call. I believe this is why it is attached to a line. That and it may offer some form of accounting for magic box locations, inventory, and user counts.
  12. I keep encountering surplus cellular antennas on a few feeds I follow. I wonder would getting one of these function any better as a receive antenna then the antenna farm I built in my attic of yagi's and parabolics? I know there are many factors involved in signal quality, but I imagine these would have a nice achievable gain. I could put a small motor on to operate the remote tilt, if I wanted to be a cooldood. It would clean up a few wires, as they have 50 ohm connectors that run parellal, are multiband, so your low band ports and high band ports are all in one directional run. Instead of a run to each separate antenna or a splitter/combiner between low and high band antennas in our setup. Get a pair of those out back and that sure would look high speed, and pretty slick even, compared to my 8 antennoctpus we built. While I pretty much have talked myself into getting one above, I would like any input from folks who have actually explored the hardware, how many elements they have and maybe how to identify that. I have not found much on any one trying this hardware for a home user network, so I figured this is my first place to ask. Have a great weekend everyone.
  13. Amazing. I look forward to listening. Great post as usual.
  14. I am looking for transcripts or a handytastic link from the CFO speech, or the recent one from Marcelo. Does anyone here have links to expansion and such that everyone who is still discussing Sprint here, is talking about up a couple posts? Thanks in advance, I just haven't found anything describing these plans in an informative format. Maybe Mr. Tim or a user:RedSpark could point me in the right direction, thanks again you guys are the best.
  15. Is the text available from the CFO speech last week? I am unable to find it.
  16. Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    I got this on the first random update mashing, still waiting on my 5x.
  17. Adding LTE to a laptop, hotspot or external dongle. Which is best?

    Here is some of my usage over a few lines and experiences I have with a few options, ups and downs; depending on what kind of use and performance you need out of it for your applications. USB dongles are a nice all in one package. They can lack larger radio or antenna capacity for size but you get a hard connection. They do not need a battery, and are very portable. Some can tx WiFi as well. You can get replacements for very cheap and can sometimes add a larger antenna to the radio. May require a subscription. I used one in an all in one reliably, until we moved and I built a cellular router as we installed our network at home. Creating a hotspot on a phone is very handy, but depends on your phones throughput, be it 2.4, 5GHz or usb, but you do not have another device that may require a subscription. Medium term it beats up a battery and may add thermal wear if left on. I lived off my Nexus 5 through school in a giant brick building, this was a very dependable option for me at the time, as a power user I went through batteries. Great for moderate daily use and is not more hardware but will cost some life to the phone w no saving throw. You may be able to add an internal radio if your peecee has a free M.2, PCIe slot or even USB slot w an adapter. Cheap M.2 chips go for about 30-75 on ebay. PCIe goes for about 40 to a Benjamin. The top end of these have CA, sim adapters are about 10 bucks, antennas start at free if can you make some out of parts to ~5 for the little u.fl antenna whips. This gives you best throughput all around. You get an on board connection, will not be interrupted by legacy airlink calls and has a shareable connection through Windows or Linux out if you need it. The different brands I have used have good support, drivers and updates. You get best control of the radio; for instance bandlocking in a tough environment or cell edge. This adds a slight burden to your power source, a little more internal heat and an app on your desktop. If you can't swap sim cards, this may require a subscription and flame decals.
  18. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Rural and cell edge users here with newer home, can confirm all of the Mods advice from one year of intense signal hunting in the new compound. A shelf on a wall can be amazing versus next to a window in a newer home. I have been all over our home looking for the best signal for our use; we used a Nexus 5 with cheater radio, Netgear Fuse & 6100d, none of these devices could get a fair signal directly near a window, and all are good performers or had externals. I would carefully put the N5 on the lightswitch in the spare room, got 8mb p/s down once! The Fuse on the cupboard scored 3-5, and the 6100d in the garage got about 4-5 tops after many hours of tuning. Gave up on all of that when I realized we could utilize the attic. Now, we ended up running a ton of antennas to get better signal,(blah blah this will stay on topic) we found that area was best for our home, while not having to go outdoors and build a pole and deal with what the neighbors would think of that. A small table or shelf could be set up in an attic, garage, maybe an ancillary or non living area that may be overlooked. I ran an outlet I turn off with the attic light switch and all of my gear is out of the way of the HVAC. My Nexus 6p gets searching in the house, but it gets great WiFi from one LTE radio>modem in the attic or from the other one feeding ethernet to the 6100d in the office. 10 feet higher, quality signal, I don't even have to look at it(though I like to) and it turns off when I leave. Who knows what that could do for a magic box? I hope to find out soon.
  19. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    We received a call saying we were approved for one magic box today; it will ship in the fall. We are not sure to disregard as we have received 2 correspondence stating that we were ineligible at home. I applied for two locations for our businesess and both were denied as well, one location is by our 8x8 site. I re applied last night, we have like 5 locations along the grand strand so maybe I should email the booster folks for clarity.
  20. Negative. Paid my bill today no issue, did weekly network complaint at home 2 days ago. Nexus 6p. Your connectivity is good?
  21. It is gonna be a manic Monday here, with the eclipse leaving the Sun like an eternal flame, behind a hazy shade of winter.