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  1. Thanks for the info Mr Tim. What a great toolset they have built for the network.
  2. That airpole needs a splash page on Sprint dot com, like the magic box. I would thoroughly enjoy having one of those.
  3. Coverage Map Updated 1/12/18

    I enjoy the new grid style roaming area key. This is much better than experiments in yellow we saw a few months ago.
  4. [Teaser] The 9th Galaxy Arrives Early - The Galaxy S9

    How do I just get the cat 18 modem?
  5. Good find @Paynefanbro. I expect the initial service to start naturally, in the cities they trial fixed wireless in. Good on Tmobile, pushing their hand if that is the reason. They do have an 8 billion dollar 600 MHz interest to market, so that may be a factor for all the hype. Plus cellular, companies love to hop on the next thing. I hope this makes a faster time to reach the masses then LTE did. Also; Ha! I'm still waiting for Five Gee Evolution. Source: My sad ATT branded Netgear Nighthawk M1 (Cat 16, 4x4 external antennae)
  6. Muh man John takes questions :) I prewarned him in his first hour on twitter the market specific inquiries were coming. Kind of boilerplate but so far he holds up.
  7. In Room name:thelounge holding the door. Just finished cleaning up a nice networking project here at the house. Happy New Year, have a great week everyone.
  8. Happy New Years !

    Happy New Year sir. Working overtime.
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yeah I generally have no idea what I am doing when I get into this stuff. I am good at research so that makes it a bit easier. There are a few things you have to pay attention to with licensed spectrum and antennae but it is similar in executing a result.
  10. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I'll put something together for you later or tomorrow to try to help explain.
  11. https://twitter.com/SprintCTO Looks like John Saw activated his twitter! The only way I was drawn to this, I saw an odd like on a comment complaining of low speeds(on a Sprint thread imagine that) I moved to highlight it and there is the Sprint CTO. Lolok, interesting choice, maybe he sees a challenge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. This is a great example. I am looking forward to positive results for employees and the company.
  13. Marcelo posted a tweet. He is pretty much getting roasted in his mentions, replies.
  14. The Magic Box 6 months later

    Couple of clips and it pops off.
  15. Ours is currently being sold to the highest bidder after investing in nuclear power that tanked. 9 rate hikes in 2 years. Online payment has been around since we built a few years ago. We went all wireless for internet about a year ago and it has been work; but it is great. Solar is looking nice, and I threw a pump out into the lake to help our heat pump in winter. The utility is starting a solar farm if you buy in. This is subjective but it sure is messy in this market. Disruptive being a goal sure is something.
  16. When I can connect I will call it green, Sprint has earned that much.
  17. I would like 2 LTE channels. I will take qpsk, 2x1, a little uptilt and some 800 please.
  18. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Groovy, thanks for all your cool updates.
  19. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Are your insights local or available in other markets?
  20. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I am ready for MAGA Mobile.
  21. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Are you able to determine which band 25 channel you connect to? Your area has 10MHz and 2 channels. Neat-0 if you connect to A-F, it is rated on the ninja and magic box to rx.
  22. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    -Fair and just -Yeah that stinks, I am laymen and like solutions but people have legal reason to make a fuss. =Yeah I figured G dude had this in a lab and white coats were helicoptered in to make it into a sexy video. My lingual is functional to our awesome smart user base that will get signal where it needs it in action, but fun for those of us who have basic ideas of how a flying internet remote helichoptermatron just might work.
  23. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    For sure sir. I just want to stay in the rulez here. I am not being facetious, just aware. I prepay 139 a month now so I have no surprises on my end. I enjoy the equipment, kept all antennae 18cm away from the transmitter in my design and was gonna put it in a wooden box w some 1.9 yagi's to get better gain up top. If I can make it fly it is doing something the rest of us wish we could do. I'll keep it to premiere threads or can link offsite if best.