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  1. belusnecropolis

    Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

    Out of town but quick check in, I set Moms up with this guy. 2xCA mPCIe radio>fast Ethernet. This is backhauled by our triband antenna site. Wired Internet option is dsl or 20mbps fiber(wat!?!?!?!?!) So, here we are. Had to test at home in a low signal area. Just for adversity sake we threw long coax on, tested wifi coverage higher with a remote signal from large antenna. Then we dialed it right in via our multiplomitron of adapters. Sorry for the late post; I rocked this out last Monday and it is a pretty simple build inside. 2.4 WeeFee radio, fast ethernet and the LTE radio is on top under tape. If it slows down we can add a carrier via USB. The first radio is on board so I like that and mom gets her cat Vidya, pictures, scheduling for remote work and news. Success. I'll be back in town next week for 3x+3x and some Gb ports. Have a great weekend everyone, keep building!
  2. https://selectspectrum.com/sla.html I've been randomly following this guy's site. Former clearwire worker who helps auction unsold edu lessors capacity in 2.5. They have held a few the last year or so. I wonder if we will see some reform here. I believe redspark posted about the plan to expand license areas from a circle to meet the next lessor or to the next county line. Long time listeners will note It has been in the works for a couple of years at least. Maybe this is supporting that plan. Great find Mr Trip.
  3. belusnecropolis

    Google voice integration going away June 1st

    Hangouts integration kept me w Sprint as NV was happening. My tendency to be indoors would push voice calls to data so I could receive them. I haven't dug deep into what level of integration I have still, but it is a bummer that stopped working a few months ago. Voice is still difficult in our market. I get MMS over Hangouts and the stock app depending on what the sender is using. My SMS still usually go to Hangouts. Since the majority of 1x calls that ring through when I have service is spam generated numbers with similar prefixes I haven't really invested time in using voice much. Nexus user so WeeFee calling is out. The answer here has been and continues to be densification.
  4. I deleted the contact then scrtn, restart and added contact again fixed it for me a while back.
  5. Starting a spot to post mods or builds, connected stuffs, antennetry, relay magic and other fun fixes. I'll begin; Our latest weekend adventure is a box with failover/load balance between 2 LTE radios, one cat 7 at 2x1, the other cat 12 at 2x2 mimo. This 3+2x carrier aggregation combo could peak at 900mb p/s down by 225 up at the radios. All domestic 🇺🇸 bands including LAA@5GHz and CBRS, except band 71. Input side is all set. They feed into a router that will soon; tx AC Wifi on 2.4/5GHz and gsm on 900MHz. USB to ethernet bus for ~330mb p/s throughput over Ethernet. 5v means you can pretty much use this box anywhere. Has 2 more USB port for maybe forced air, another radio or peripherals. Bonus PoE too. Working out the kinks on software this week for the output side. Please share your builds, LTE solutions and especially your ideas. I have like 5 more variants going so I will share as I get through projects. Have a great week everyone.
  6. Bwahahhahahha he gave you an FCCID because he knows we are nerds and we circle that search tool like buzzards. This is just great, fun stuff all around. This guy is better than we thought.
  7. https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/977170416560148480?s=20 Marcelo says 100% of phones sold by 2021 will be 5g capable.
  8. M2M build time; new Raspberry Pi3b+ came in today! AC wifi, Bluetooth 4.2 and low power. Ethernet still runs over the USB interface so tops at 330 but better than the 100 fast on previous builds. I have to plug it in to my M.2 LTE radio to see if I can get top speeds. We have one Triband antenna site (total D: ) in our CMA that has progressively improved from just a few days ago to my first 100+ test evAr! on the n6P, and in our market. What are other users machine to machine or um, IoT projects and what are your results on the Sprint network? I have a few locations running these for connectivity, security and A/V operations over cellular and/or load balanced DOCSIS 2.0 with some edge routers, one location has fiber as main, a couple are all LTE/WIFI. Band 41 is new and brave here market wide, but great where it is so we use a mix of carriers. What are your experiences with plans? I simply purchase as many lines as I need and do the work to make them work with whatever network works best where I have to setup and do my work. I have seen some low power/low data plans for battery devices and such, seems like a way to prime subscribers, but they can just keep selling me UDP's and we are all happy. Any one use the Magic Box to help power projects? I have seen Boxes relay to hotspots, we made one directional beam from yagis, ductwork and punished a 2.5 wave through a forest for LTE push to talk between 4 users. Super users could attach apps to an LTE radio or use a phone to open doors or kick on a camera! Imagine if Gramma rolls in and Her Chair meets her at the door when her mac id hits your load balancing with the magic box? You just won the family picnic son. I tore mine down (like a dick, don't do this) put it in the car, in our attic, on a pole, and next week in the air. What do your projects work towards? Long time listeners will note LTE connectivity is our main bag here in the not so sticks, we like some netsec, and putting in the time will yield a device that is convenient yet doesn't serve you ads based on surrounding conversation, search content and >9000 metadata fed into some Dale Gribble based conglomonstrosity. http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-iot-factory.htm https://business.sprint.com/solutions/internet-of-things/ Bonus: Your previous content has been restored. I love this feature when I x when I should have not. 2012 Belusnecropolis appreciates this and donates 2018 accordingly.
  9. Our whole CMA received 10x10 centered at 1990 last week to widen the OG block. Pretty sweet, no second carrier yet. This and 6 band 41 upgrades added in the last year after no network additions for the previous 2 years is great.
  10. This isn't how you create or bring back 5,000 American jobs. http://investors.sprint.com/news-and-events/press-releases/press-release-details/2016/Sprint-Announces-Commitment-to-Create-or-Bring-Back-to-America-5000-Jobs/default.aspx
  11. belusnecropolis

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    The timeline everyone is saying seems like new radio 600MHz will be in a flagship by end of year and L600 should have aggregation and be available in mid range phones then as well.
  12. belusnecropolis

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Next year. The em7565 I just picked up supports all the current bands and has 5GHz LTE, Cat-12. I am gonna wait for new radio 600MHz before I go dump 200 more bucks on a chip.
  13. belusnecropolis

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Yeah, so far no stand alone radios have it either. I don't have one I can build into a modem.