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  1. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Groovy, thanks for all your cool updates.
  2. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Are your insights local or available in other markets?
  3. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I am ready for MAGA Mobile.
  4. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Are you able to determine which band 25 channel you connect to? Your area has 10MHz and 2 channels. Neat-0 if you connect to A-F, it is rated on the ninja and magic box to rx.
  5. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    -Fair and just -Yeah that stinks, I am laymen and like solutions but people have legal reason to make a fuss. =Yeah I figured G dude had this in a lab and white coats were helicoptered in to make it into a sexy video. My lingual is functional to our awesome smart user base that will get signal where it needs it in action, but fun for those of us who have basic ideas of how a flying internet remote helichoptermatron just might work.
  6. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    For sure sir. I just want to stay in the rulez here. I am not being facetious, just aware. I prepay 139 a month now so I have no surprises on my end. I enjoy the equipment, kept all antennae 18cm away from the transmitter in my design and was gonna put it in a wooden box w some 1.9 yagi's to get better gain up top. If I can make it fly it is doing something the rest of us wish we could do. I'll keep it to premiere threads or can link offsite if best.
  7. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    So don't post results? I am putting in an aluminum rotor motor to save weight here. This could be pretty nifty.
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    It is a new awesome design, why wouldn't you try to find fun new uses for it that serve your specific need or one the company has not identified, or even ways to improve on the work they have done?
  9. Thanks I was going off the example Marcelo posted as a bonus. Take nothing I post serious except photos and screenshots.
  10. I have several locations that upload multiple video feeds over LTE. This is a requirement for us to operate securely. This will also soon be a requirement of law enforcement operations as live video and body cams come online; many will begin to feed into cloud storage as more accountability is demanded. LTE as a public safety standard is coming with AT&T and the first responder network deal, this will have folks using video and picture response as e911 evolves. Many suburban locations unserved use this as failover or load balanced connections to stay connected. This will connect many more people as LTE pricing stays down and unlimited is a trend. Having a strong uplink is a very valuable connection. So valuable to Sprint, they spent sweat and treasure coming up with HPUE on 2.5GHz in league with the Chinese and many other providers and vendors. I am not knocking the speed test, that is a magnificent speed. These are simply examples of strong upload needs many are dismissing; if the 2xCA upload device I plan to win in the giveaway brings me to 15Mb p/s that sure would be sweet with three and a third down.
  11. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Anyone try strapping one of these things to a drone like Guenther did? I have a RC chopper I was thinking of modding out, that would be a sweet addition for sure. Hard to get above these Carolina pines for signal, but that sure could help! There is a lot of metal you can take off these things for weight reduction.
  12. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    https://imgur.com/a/9AA85 It has an RJ45 input on the back of the eNb board, say if they need to dial in. The WiFi may just be for the same thing, but easier to access.
  13. Phone restarting

    Looks just like my OG equipment.
  14. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    That makes a ton of sense! Thanks, I didn't dig that far yet. You guys are the best.
  15. Phone restarting

    I thought of you when it happened.