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  1. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Plate tectonics
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    License (to) Kill
  3. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Ham radio
  4. Was your donation over 6 months ago? Donations give members S4GRU Sponsor status for 6 months from the time of their last donation. After that, your account will revert back to member status. http://s4gru.com/forums/topic/1195-information-about-s4gru-sponsorship-levels-and-how-to-become-a-sponsor/ As WuTang03 implied, yes, S4GRU staff has had (and still does) different sources within the company over the years. There is a wealth of awesome information available in the Sponsor, Premier Sponsor, and Honored Premier Sponsor forums.
  5. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Internet money
  6. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Highway Patrol
  7. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I have an iPhone and have been fortunate to not have any issues with it connecting to my MB at all. I received my MB on Wednesday. After plugging it in and letting it do its thing for a couple of hours, I witnessed my signal strength go from -114 dBm to -69 dBm B41 while I was using my phone. Pretty neat to witness. Since then, my phone has automatically locked onto the MB B41 signal whenever I pull into my driveway. I'm on a 6S+ and haven't had to reset my phone, do a PRL update, airplane mode, or anything else. My house is in a pocket of pretty weak B41, and B25 is weak indoors, so that could be why my phone is connecting so well to the MB. Maybe I'm just lucky. I hope this helps and that your MB starts working out for you!
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yes, I receive a B41 signal in my house, but it's rarely stronger than -115 dBm. The Magic Box is meant to fill in B41 coverage gaps and weak signal areas, making my place a perfect candidate. As Tim mentions above, the stronger, cleaner signal will do wonders for battery life and overall user experience in my corner of the neighborhood. Also, the MB will keep my family's four phones from camping on B25 as they currently do now. As to why others who seemingly fit the criteria may have been denied, I have no idea. I just filled out the application and crossed my fingers.
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I applied for the Magic Box the day it was announced and just received the call this afternoon. They left a voicemail saying that I am eligible and that they will be contacting me again via phone or email before the MB ships this fall. My area has Band 41 all over. I receive a B41 signal inside my house even though the two sites closest to me are not yet B41 accepted.
  10. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Imperial trap
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    city skyline
  12. Not Again! Didn't this happen last year?

    Happy birthday, Robert! P.S. Where'd all the cake go?
  13. LG G3

    Yep, definitely an issue with Ookla's app or hosting servers. Check out this test I got on Band 26 a few days ago.
  14. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #5

    Life hacks http://1000lifehacks.com/
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    caramel apple