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  1. stealth

    Network Mapping

    Wish they would go back to the old UI. I hate having to select hex’s to see results.
  2. stealth

    Z2 Force

    Is anyone elses ##3282# menu under LTE inaccurate? Mine has LTE roaming blank and band priority messed up.
  3. stealth

    Z2 Force

    Just bought this device. I can confirm it has stellar radio performance. The s8+ I had would loose LTE in this one area always and this device held onto the signal with no problems.
  4. stealth

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Just from looking at the models on apple id say we will have a intel and qualcomm version again. Also how do we know it doesnt support 4x4 and hpue, has any of them passed through the fcc or has anyone confirmed from sprint or apple?
  5. stealth

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Just seen on reddit no 4x4 mimo either.
  6. stealth

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Ive seen on gsmarena that all support 4xca. But those items im very curious on. I plan on getting the unlocked iPhone x.
  7. Walked by the one on baltimore street, that on a water tower. That one is band 25 ca. The one on 30 towards chambersburg ill pass this weekend. The one on rt 15 and 116 is just 1 carrier of 25 and 26. Shentel needs to add panels to the tower on rt 30 and coleman rd. The service in hunterstown drops to 3g alot due to site spacing. I know tmobile has band 12 panels on top of ag com which helps them out. Also there is that large Lattice tower on rt 15 that is between hunterstown rd and rt 394 which would work too, the other 3 are on that one. There is also 2 new towers in the area thats not on our maps, here are the coordinates 39.962876,-77.315740 that one is a shentel only tower. It provides coverage where the other 3 have no service. 39.823646,-77.262062 this one also helped with coverage. Both new towers have been up and running atleast a year.
  8. Band 41 is live on top of the gettysburg hotel. 2 carriers. Other tower isnt yet.
  9. Ill go in gettysburg this evening and see if i can find it on the only 2 towers in town.
  10. Yeah its around 12mbps down. Those sites in hanover also have 2 carriers of 41 as well. There is a new site in hanover somewhere that i havent found yet as well. Id imagine that the site in Gettysburg also is doing 25ca, however that site doesnt have band 41.
  11. On all towers around hanover
  12. Ill be going down in a few hours. Ill get ss
  13. Ill take a few when i get back down there. Maybe today.
  14. Found band 25 ca 5×5 in hanover pa.
  15. Isn't that the truth. We had storms a few times yesterday afternoon. Each time the network just crashed from all the users. I tried to used ehrpd and even that didn't work. Lte was unusable on band 25 and 41 during the storms. When it was nice and I was on the beach with the tower in line of sight, speeds on both band 25 and 41 were less then 1mbps.