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  1. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I just received an email that I will not be getting a Magic Box at this time. Not a big surprise but I was hopeful. Maybe in the future. Not sure why it came from and includes the link to The Employee Phone Care Team" I am not an employee of Sprint and never have been? "Dear Sprint Partner, Thank you for your interest in and registration for a Sprint® Magic Box. We have experienced a tremendous response from our employees, customers and prospects (15 times higher than expected!) for the Sprint Magic Box. Due to very limited inventory, we are currently undergoing a soft launch (extended test) with approximately 500 Sprint Partners in different locations throughout the country. These Partners are being asked to help evaluate the customer experience, and performance of the device with Sprint network prior to a national launch. This additional testing is to help ensure a smooth customer experience when we start to roll out more boxes as more inventory becomes available later this fall. Based on the very limited available inventory and a variety of network related factors, we are not able to select your current location as part of this 500 Sprint Partner test. However, as we receive more inventory over the coming months, additional Sprint Magic Boxes will be distributed. We will continue to keep you informed and reach out by email to communicate next steps. We appreciate your patience and interest in Sprint Magic Box. You can reach out to us with your concerns/questions at employeephoneprograms@sprint.com Thank you again for your interest in Sprint Magic Box. The Sprint Employee Phone Team"
  2. Robert, I am not Bitching, I am giving my opinion. So, I can't say that I am frustrated with them spending money on other items instead of their network is frustrating? Many have had similar post and opinion that the Radio Shack, Pokémon, Tidal etc. was money that could of been used to improve the network. That is not the same as saying Sprint Sucks or other negative comments that we all see on many other sites. I have been with Sprint long time and recommended them to many friends and family over the years. While I can no longer do that to anyone in my area, I just last month had a family of 5 switch to sprint in my old hometown of Indianapolis based on my recommendation and example of how good the service was there. I have supported this site from the day I found it (while searching for info concerning switching) and became a supporting member. I have continued to support the site as best I can including participating in the raffles or other fund raising events when you post them. No I do not have a large post count on the site as that is not my area of expertise, that knowledge as to the wireless frequencies, equipment, etc. is better left to many here that are. But I didn't join the site to provide that information, I joined it to learn more about Sprint and wireless service, I have done that. In fact if it wasn't for this site I would of most likely regrettably have switched providers years ago. But due to the knowledge learned here and the hopes it developed for Sprint I didn't. But that was then and the information on the site is still great but the lack of upgrading towers near me isn't. I roam on Verizon every day unless I am outside or sitting next to the right window at work. If you think I am Bitching, that is your Opinion, and I was just giving mine. It is your website you have the right to do whatever you choose and I respect that.
  3. Frustration leads to nay saying. Quit spending Money and Time on useless things and expand the network to all areas as previously promised many times and never delivered!!! Last word I received from Sprint is that there are no plans currently to upgrade the towers I use at home and work. If it isn't better with either a Magic Box or by the time T-Mobile finishes their upgrades here I will have to consider changing services after over 15 years.
  4. Verizon buys 5G wireless spectrum holder for $3.1 billion https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/11/15621814/verizon-buys-5g-wireless-spectrum-straight-path
  5. Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge User Thread

    Just installed it and also hope it fixes the battery draining.
  6. Long time user thread

    Been a member since April 2012, so 5 years. Lurked a few moths before joining. Was a Nextel customer and became a Sprint/Nextel customer when it was purchased and now fully Sprint. I also had service with Verizon at the same time on a work phone that could not be used for personal calls. To be honest I would switch back to a Nextel system if it was available (long story). Had it not been for this website I would have switched providers back in 2012 due to the poor service. I still struggle with service today and roam here at work when inside but it has improved from 2012. Have pre-ordered a MagicBox and hope it will fix that problem even though we have no B41 service here YET.
  7. I did the preorder also. Hopefully they will approve it. Does anyone know what the Qualifactions to be accepted are? Why don't they list them? It might save some time if they did if we know we don't meet the Qualifications.
  8. Sprint coming soon teaser

    So it looks like you will be able to upgrade to the latest Galaxy after 12 lease payments in a 18 month lease. http://newsroom.sprint.com/blogs/devices-apps-and-services/samsung-galaxy-s8-and-samsung-galaxy-s8+-available-april-21-hpue-enabled-smartphones-boast-better-sprint-network-coverage-and-faster-data-speeds.htm?linkId=35980501
  9. Sprint coming soon teaser

    Probably just the announcement and pre-order page for the LG G6, Sprint's first HPUE-capable device. No big news.
  10. I get 2 to 3 a week that match the first six numbers of my phone. I never answer them and immediately block the number for calls and text. Have never received a second call from any of the numbers. Also get a few that say "reported as spam" wish more were that way. The strange thing is that none of the other lines on my account get them so that has me wondering what the connection is.
  11. Read the fine print, "Savings until 3/31/18; then $60/mo. for line 1, $40 for line 2 and $30/mo. lines 3-4. Streams video at up to HD 1080p, music at up to 1.5mbps, gaming at up to 8mbps. Data deprioritization during congestion. MHS, P2P and VPN reduced to 2G speeds after 10GB/mo. Pricing shown with AutoPay discount applied w/i 2 invoices. Req. new acct. Other monthly charges apply** https://www.sprint.com/landings/unlimited-cell-phone-plans/index.html?ECID=vanity:unlimited
  12. Exactly, I really think that T-mobile is and has been setting the guidelines for the cellular industry lately. I think having the advertised price be the real price was perfect and should also be adopted by all carriers, cable, satellite, and ISPs providing internet service. I have Direct TV at the moment and plan on switching to DIsh and then switch again every 2 years to get the new customer pricing. But that is easier as there is no number to port and happens instantly.
  13. That is only makes a difference if you can access it. It isn't here yet and no plan to be here soon according to Sprint. 10+ year customer, started with Nextel. I don't understand why Sprint does nothing for long time customers and everything is for new customers only. Some of us remember when they did even small things for LOYAL customers who patiently suffered when service was terrible and Sprint was closing to extinction. I am comparing to cost to switch to V or T-mobile, running out of patience here.
  14. WOW, hope Marcelo's latest Tweet isn't what he thinks will work for a response. If so I feel they are going to loose a lot of customers. https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/831507181040177152
  15. Marcelo needs to beat it for me not to consider the switch. I have lost most of my loyalty and patience waiting for upgrades here for over 10 years. Sitting here in my shop, roaming on Verizon unless I go outdoors for Spring 3G. LTE is very spotty and almost non existent still.
  16. From John Legere's latest tweet, "and, like only the #uncarrier can do – we’re one-upping it..." Does this mean 5 lines for the same price as Verizon's 4 lines, going to be interesting to watch this all play out. Marcelo and Sprint waiting to go last and better both offers maybe?
  17. John tweeted he will respond in an hour. https://twitter.com/JohnLegere/status/831220907154628608
  18. "Unfortunately the towers in my area aren't planed to be upgraded with 800mhz LTE or b41 for at least 12 months." I have heard the same thing for my area BUT I heard it over 18 months ago so I wouldn't put much of any hope in that statement. There are still towers here with no Band 26 LTE and/or Band 41 LTE. According to a recent post in the TOLEDO NV 2.0 thread it may be due to a BRS spectrum conflict with WatchTV, an OTA Cable TV, Telephone, and ISP that covers a few surrounding counties using antennas mounted on your house/business. Unfortunately the only provider with high quality coverage in the area is Verizon and I will not pay their high prices. I will suffer using WiFi calling here at home and work when indoors and see what the future brings. Have 5 lines with Sprint over 15 years and it has gotten much better since Network Vision but empty promises of continuing upgrades that don't happen can be very discouraging. Had it not been for all the information here at S4GRU I would have switched to prepaid a few years ago.
  19. Nexus 7

    I know this is an old topic. My Nexus 7 1st gen has quit charging using the OEM charger and USB cable. They will work on my phone so I know they are not the problem. Following internet suggestions I replaced the USB port on the unit with a brand new port and ribbon cable for the audio jack also. It will still not charge using any charger or cable. Anyone have any ideas on what else to check as to the problem? The Nexus still powers on fine but battery is now at 18%.
  20. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Yes I got it also.
  21. I agree that Sprint is improving and have made gains that they should Toot Their Horn a little. And as I stated ALL CARRIERS are guilty of false claims of things being Nationwide when it isn't so. I have been with Sprint since I started with NEXTEL before the merger. I hope Sprint continues to improve as the areas where they have are great. I just have to drive 45 minutes or more to experience it, that isn't Nationwide in my book.