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  1. bigsnake49

    U.s. government investigating Verizon and AT&T

    I am pretty sure that it has something to do with certain internet companies (Apple, Google, Facebook) being able to use e-SIM to dynamically purchase capacity from different providers on the fly. In this case they become just fat dumb wires instead of brands. They have been spending a lot of money to establish their brands and they'd fight tooth and nail not to be come commodities.
  2. Comcast is looking to offload some of their Verizon data fees by deploying small cells in their territories. Whether they might want to cell capacity to third parties is an open question. Maybe Sprint can entice them to deploy dual band (CBRS, 2.5GHz) small cells.
  3. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Between CBRS and 3.7-4.2GHz that's 650MHz that will be coming available. Reducing yet another deployment's cost should be the primary goal here. It's not reduction in competition necessarily just unreasonable offers to switch that are the problem, although I have not seen many of those lately.
  4. Not to mention 4x4, 8x8, massive MIMO, 256QAM, small cells...
  5. Right now, nobody is moving to acquire the spectrum. Dish has not borrowed against it. The perceived value of their spectrum will fall further once these other bands are opened up.
  6. That's one analyst's opinion who is probably invested in the stock. The spectrum is not worth anything until somebody makes an offer on it.
  7. Sprint does not have the money to buy anything. Share in deploying Dish's spectrum and sharing in the bandwidth, yes. If Verizon wanted to buy Dish's spectrum they would have done so already.
  8. Verizon is furiously deploying small cells and beyond the mmWave they own are very interested in the CBRS band and LAA and also the 3.7-4.2 GHz band for small cells.
  9. You paid what $20B for spectrum, would you not want some return on investment? Plus If you go at it alone you still will need about 9-10B for a nationwide network. Spectrum is plentiful with the CBRS band, the 3.7-4.2GHz band, the LAA/WiFi band and the 28GHz band.
  10. Same here. I think that Dish just needs to lower their valuation of their spectrum so that them and sprint can come to a mutually beneficial agreement. What you hear from Dish about IOT is total BS. Nobody will be making any serious money solely out of iOT. Dish's spectrum will be used for video in the mdiband and lowland to fill in the holes in the 2.5GHz network. Dish can sell mobile video for their Sling package on the Sprint network. Both should share in the deployment cost and the additional capacity. I would prefer that Dish's 600Mhz be used mainly for VOLTE.
  11. Yeah meanwhile (4 years), they lost how many subscribers? How much money?
  12. Well they are colocated in a lot of sites. They would have used Sprint's PCS spectrum to beef up midband and totally blanketed the county with 2.5GHz. They made a stupid mistake. Now it might be that the FCC/DOJ might not have let them merge but at least they had to try. Sprint/Softbank also made mistakes in that they did not make the investment necessary to keep up with the rest of the industry, thus falling behind because they were waiting for the merger.
  13. bigsnake49

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    All of these speedtests by all of these carriers are great. What I am looking for is consistent coverage and consistent speeds. It does not help me if in one spot it's 150Mbits and then in another 3G. I would be perfectly happy if it was consistently between 10-20Mbits throughout the coverage area.
  14. Charter and Sprint can both benefit from strand and pole mounted small cells. They can cost share on small cells that broadcast on 2.5GHz, CBRS and LAA spectrum.