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  1. Do they plan to keep 3G going for longer than 2020? Or will they become LTE repeaters at some point?
  2. I think both Comcast and Charter want to eventually offer cell service using CBRS and LAA spectrum in strand-mounted small cells and using Verizon for service outside their footprint. In Comcast's case they can even overlay their 600MHz spectrum in their coverage areas.
  3. Oh everybody has the spectrum but when you are basically covering farmland does it make sense financially to have all 4 cover it? One farmhouse every 500 acres?
  4. We don't need 4 carriers. It is wasteful to have 4 carriers covering the same sparsely populated areas that can barely support one carrier. I am all for them merging with USCC and partnering with Dish or the cable cos. Anything to create value.
  5. I think it is very stupid that the Sprint/T-Mobile did not merge over control of the combined entity.
  6. The board was epically wrong. They should have merged with not just Metro but Leap. Influx of 15M customers and strengthened midband spectrum. Just like they were epically wrong not to merge with Alltel.
  7. Not to mention that the parent corp forgave $5B when Metro and T-Mobile merged.
  8. I think that T-Mobile has plenty of 600Mhz spectrum.
  9. It is valuable to somebody like Dish or Comcast that might want to beef up their presence in some of those markets.
  10. Well, actually buying a company/companies with Metro fiber loops is preferable. Zayo comes to mind. Level 3 was just bought by Century link. The other solution is to partner with Cable cos. For example in addition to Verizon in Comcast's wireless MVNO, they could use Sprint and use Verizon only where Sprint does not have coverage. Something like Google is doing with Project Fi. Government should be the last resort. Although as part of infrastructure spending, I wish there was a government funded initiative to run fiber everywhere. Then a non-profit corporation would rent capacity on the network to all comers for a price just high enough to only maintain and expand the network.
  11. They're just parroting what Consumers Reports study concluded.
  12. Meanwhile, Sprint came last of the 4 carriers in customer satisfaction according to a Consumer Reports survey: http://bgr.com/2017/12/21/best-wireless-network-2017-sprint-vs-t-mobile-consumer-reports/
  13. Too many companies do not pay taxes. I would like something like a VAT based on revenues rather than profits. No loopholes, no exemptions.
  14. Sprint has not paid taxes in forever so there are probably not going to be affected by this bill for a little while.
  15. Fixed 5G will not solve anything when the backhaul provider will charge you an arm and a leg and is the same provider whose ox you're goring by providing competition for his last mile fixed wired connection.