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  1. RT @Epic_Women: Always look for the good in people. https://t.co/5TNIuQzen3

  2. RT @FreddyAmazin: me at parties: https://t.co/QJxdux38z8

  3. If a furniture company ran a Presidents Day sale in November would anyone know it wasn’t Presidents’ Day?

  4. RT @DaiIyGoats: nothing screams content more than this goat https://t.co/CSVnPJB1ZI

  5. RT @JordanRutledge: High school (Teacher who barely got through school and managed to get a teaching degree): my name is Ms. Johnson and yo…

  6. When you call your girlfriend every night before bed and have had the same ritual for almost the entirety of your r… https://t.co/Dzv0T4Hc4n

  7. Remember to Breathe Today https://t.co/HbqJXAO6kf

  8. RT @Pontifex_it: Per mezzo della preghiera possiamo entrare in una relazione stabile con Dio, fonte della vera gioia.

  9. An appreciation post for this lovely lady! Thanks for always being by my side through thick and… https://t.co/BDXDVUzw6t

  10. RT @jotikmartin: You pay your income tax where you live, not where you work- many of the surrounding county are dependent on jobs in Marion…

  11. @Pierce_hitchins Or worse....Downers Grove

  12. RT @devilwearsBrada: trying to comfort my friends like https://t.co/n2qM1o63tZ

  13. RT @er__bear_: @PatrickONeill75 @TweetLikeAGirI My boyf is hot. More like an 100/10

  14. @atCenterGrove Perhaps you mean Bill Walker, not Dale....

  15. RT @ClassicDadMoves: Blessing your timeline with photos of dads and their new mowers. https://t.co/Ss8ZMQYDyJ