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  1. @TheAshenLuca I ain't gonna lie.. some if those uncharted games were great on the vita

  2. @Kmega4 Definitely not a new phone with a better camera.. I assume that's a one X in there.. Welcome back :)

  3. @Dealer_Gaming @JFonzerrelli Dang I'd love to try it out, but Tuesdays..would be tough....and also,I'm not that int… https://t.co/XZQ4DH9Rvl

  4. @Girlscangame22 @vogelzkrieg I mean did it capture it on YouTube stream? I can grab it from there too

  5. @Lady_Fox_Fire @MadFellowsGames @Xbox Wow...that's good to know...thanks for the FoxyTip

  6. this is what it's like in @XBot448 head..just as I imagined https://t.co/qvRDG3PJV0

  7. @xSTiCKFiGAx @Predator_H20s im 100% convinced the game will NEVER be smooth and play the way we want it to. It's su… https://t.co/X8uSdRsZA9

  8. @Mooch1978 Dem sum big nuts if true

  9. @Girlscangame22 @vogelzkrieg @michaellugo6 @SpOoNmAn360 @XBot448 @MrboomstickXL @NewfNukem @Predator_H20s… https://t.co/Xf6x06Bdnq

  10. @NewfNukem they should just use the girl from game of thrones https://t.co/6Cf3dzyel3

  11. @XBot448 @michaellugo6 @VapeChilla @RKHTV @ImSwazLeen @arwenelysdayton @ZampleBox She's top heavy!

  12. @TheDon_KTR it's going down. https://t.co/rMsejHQo5u

  13. @XBot448 @Girlscangame22 PUBG servers now https://t.co/dwsDtfTEy2

  14. @XBot448 https://t.co/L563DLfrLb

  15. @Girlscangame22 you did nothing wrong..just do what they ask and you'll be GTG