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  1. IBEZ 800MHz Retrofit

    If you live in Southern California then YOU (and others like you) would be the source of any new band 26 reports. So we are all looking to you SoCal residents to let us all know when and where it begins to pop up. Everyone knows you guys really need it and everyone knows what all is in play and why it's been such a long and exhaustive process. But as this site is not at all related to nor sponsored by Sprint nor Softbank then all we (and you) can do is simply wait for it to begin showing up. In the meantime I would suggest a Verizon or AT&T MVNO like Straight Talk or Cricket until Sprint is a better contender in your area. Instead of getting frustrated, just use a better service. I think they call that "voting with your wallet."
  2. Um, calm down. I was mostly just having a little fun. Cool your jets, ace. I'm pretty much a millennial, too (just a few years removed).
  3. ? Nothing to understand. The only thing I want to understand is Sprint's capex strategy the first two quarters of FY2018.
  4. Either way this victimization culture is nauseating, at best. Flippin millenials!
  5. That's pretty ironic. Wasn't sure if it was manipulated or not. It only makes it better that it was not.
  6. The implication was that the image was posted (even designed) specifically to poke fun at an actual outage. Seemed to make perfect sense. If no outage actually happened, cool. But I think we assumed one actually did. Hence, the image.
  7. Just reminds us that no one is immune to the occasional outage, not even Big Red. Sometimes I think particularly egotistical people could use an occasional bitch slap (reality check?) as well. Read: my former boss. That said, cute graphic. It did elicit a few hearty chuckles.
  8. Galaxy Note 8 rumors, specs, thoughts, etc

    I hope it still goes to the S7 and S7E. I guess it's the next logical step unless true voice over LTE is coming soon. But i think that's still a year away or so.
  9. Not true. Worked on my Galaxy S7E on the first click. Not sure why others can't see it on their phones.
  10. It came back online after 8 a.m. I wonder why the others you speak of were also offline. Surely there would be no connection amongst the 3?
  11. Sprint's website and app have both been down all damn night. Hmm.
  12. ...which is how capitalism works. It tends to garner choice in services and products. Use whomever you want at whatever price point you want. Just don't expect Verizon level service at Boost prices.
  13. Well if anyone is planning on deluding themselves into thinking that Sprint isn't gonna pass along the costs of massively upgrading its network along to its customers then this is your wake up call. This is how all of life works. You get what you pay for. If Sprint is going to start pouring $5-$6B+ into its network each year then they had absolutely better raise prices accordingly. I'd be surprised if they didn't. You can't buy a BMW with Honda Civic money.
  14. It's pathetic you would say that. When you can't even (or, worse, won't take the time to) speak your own language correctly, you are not just failing your own self but also EVERYONE AROUND YOU. Enough said.
  15. Why are you wasting your time? The absurdly egregious grammatical mistakes that occur with astonishing regularity by the members on this page never cease to amaze me. It's like a joke but far, far worse.
  16. Honestly what sort of uploads are you doing that this (7.65 mbps) wouldn't take care of (and relatively quickly, at that)?
  17. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Wait..these speeds are actually being realized currently in real world use? That's insane!
  18. Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge User Thread

    Yeah, it is. Less people have this phone now as it is getting slightly long in the tooth for the tech savvy and the "gotta-have-it" millenials. I still dig my S7E though but i do want to try out calling plus if we do ever get it.
  19. I just got back from a 5 day trip to Lexington, KY (we are about to move back there after 12 years) and was pleasantly surprised by the proliferarion of mini macs. Speeds were not super fast but way better than it would've been without that deployment. And band 25 CA is on every tower I connected to in the metro area (in cases where band 41 was absent).
  20. The Magic Box 6 months later

    The same thing happened to me so I picked up the phone and simply reached out to them. It showed up 5 days later.