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  1. How to contact someone at Sprint

    That's really interesting. I think I understand why though.
  2. Mine yields us 15-20 near it and 5-10 in the deepest recesses of our master bath. Before it was 3G in the bathroom and nearly unusable band 26 in the same room the MB now sits in (1-1.5 mbps).
  3. [Teaser] The 9th Galaxy Arrives Early - The Galaxy S9

    This is what I've been waiting for. Oh! And the centrally located fingerprint scanner! Can't forget about that.
  4. Network Vision/LTE - Atlanta/Athens Market

    Glad this thread is so quiet. It only speaks to the excellent quality of the Sprint network in our beloved yet often bizarre metropolis. But I actually have a point or, rather, something I'd like to share. I was just at Kroger recently on Howell Mill near I-75 and was waiting outside in the unusually chilly weather for my Uber when I noticed via SCP that I was on a second band 25 carrier. Now, 2 things to note: 1. Atlanta has had a second band 25 carrier live for at least 18 months so this wasn't immediately unusual and 2. Atlanta has such widespread and healthy band 41 deployment that I rarely see anything but. The network is just that damned good. No, the odd part was that when I went into my "enginerring" l screen, it indicated that carrier aggregation was indeed active. Like I said, I've been on a second b25 carrier in this city many times before but I had never noticed them being aggregated. See evidence below. My feeling is that band 41 was so widely deployed here before that they felt no great rush to enable b25 CA in this market. In many other previously band 41 starved markets like Lexington, KY, band 25 CA has been live for well over a year, likely even longer. Those areas needed the extra capacity until those band 41 mini macs could rise to the challenge. They now very much have, by the way. But now that those smaller areas are finally getting widespread band 41 coverage, Sprint has seen fit to come back to the bigger areas like Atlanta and make great even better. At least that is my theory!
  5. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    I was thinking the same thing after I posted that. Using Chrome here. Interpretation is largely subjective. But there are more clear emojis for either emotion. Either way, those speeds kick ass. Here's an emoji that shouldn't be debatable: 😉
  6. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    It's definitely a "bummed" face. Maybe he just used the wrong face. Look closely at it.
  7. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    Then why the sad face? Those speeds are absolutely fantastic if they are on band 25. Clearly it is a higher bandwidth site with CA. The real takeaway is the great increase in capacity these sorts of sites provide, especially as it relates to future data use. Very impressive.
  8. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    I did a few months ago but this lady and her kid were doing the most by asking far too many rookie questions to the rep about the phone. Fed up, I simply turned around and walked out of the store, unable to have physically handled the device myself.
  9. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Are folks still experiencing screen issues with this phone? I'm either buying this for myself or waiting on the GS9+. No one has been talking about this phone much in recent months neither here nor in the media. So seeking a little input.
  10. It's been below freezing the entire time I've been home here in Kentucky. Cold as can be but, hey, I've been getting excellent Sprint band 41 service all over! That should warm the soul!
  11. IBEZ 800MHz Retrofit

    If you live in Southern California then YOU (and others like you) would be the source of any new band 26 reports. So we are all looking to you SoCal residents to let us all know when and where it begins to pop up. Everyone knows you guys really need it and everyone knows what all is in play and why it's been such a long and exhaustive process. But as this site is not at all related to nor sponsored by Sprint nor Softbank then all we (and you) can do is simply wait for it to begin showing up. In the meantime I would suggest a Verizon or AT&T MVNO like Straight Talk or Cricket until Sprint is a better contender in your area. Instead of getting frustrated, just use a better service. I think they call that "voting with your wallet."
  12. Um, calm down. I was mostly just having a little fun. Cool your jets, ace. I'm pretty much a millennial, too (just a few years removed).