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    Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    This is at my house, just a block or so from the small cell that was just installed. I haven't had time to get a photo of it. When I'm off this week I will do that and take an SCP screenshot. I'm new to this, I just bought the app today. It seems similar to network cell info. It provided me the location the 1x connection previously and it hasn't changed. Also that I'm on B25 at home. I usually use my wifi at home but it's good info! [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk Here's a speedtest as well.
  2. quirkyturtle

    Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    I'm from the Akron/Canton NEO area. Lately I've been seeing the Alpha Wireless Concealed Antenna nodes popping up around my neighborhood in Barberton. There is one a block over from my house, this was the first one I noticed. I don't think it has power yet; the box still has cardboard inside when I drove by recently. I can get a Band 41 signal up the road but switch to B25 when home. My neighborhood is an up and down hill so I hope once this cell goes live I get B41 at home. I'll have a picture once I take one of it.. But here's the link of one that looks identical: Have you guys seen improvements in NEO too?