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  1. Network Vision/LTE - East Kentucky Market (Lexington)

    Friday morning I called support again. After a 15 minute call, the final resolution was "you do not have Extended LTE because you have exceeded your 100mb roaming limit." I knew this was the wrong answer, so i decided to make a nuisance of myself. I continued to call customer support over the next half of the day whenever I had the chance. I was always presented with either the "exceeded roaming limit" answer or I was told "there was a tower down" and that I should call back in about a week. I was always polite and patient, and I feel I educated several reps as to what Extended LTE is because most seemed to have no idea. I must have called a dozen times. Then Friday afternoon I received a call from someone at the OKC support center, asking what the problem was. They called me! Now this was different i thought to myself. I explained that none of my lines were no longer connecting to Extended LTE, specifically B12 via Appalachian wireless on any of their towers (this was what I had been telling support reps all day). She said "That's strange. Let me send this upstairs, and I will call you back when I find something out." Upstairs? They have an upstairs!? This was great! Within 2 hours all of my lines had Extended LTE again. Problem solved. However I have no idea what the problem was. Moral of the story: If you do not get resolution on a support issue, call support repeatedly until someone that doesn't have to follow a script notices you?
  2. I tried the self-enroll a couple of days ago and had no luck. Tried again last night and it worked without a hitch. I did nothing different at all. Maybe availability was rolled out to accounts in phases?
  3. Network Vision/LTE - East Kentucky Market (Lexington)

    Got a call back on the new open ticket this morning. Sprint Support: "I see here that the problem is, (pause) you do not have Extended LTE data because a tower is down in the area. The engineers are working on it and things should be back up within a week." Me: "So one tower is not working?" Sprint Support: : "Yes, one tower in the extended LTE area." Me: "And that will cause me to not have service anywhere in the extended service area, no matter if i travel to an area serviced by another tower." Sprint Support: "Yes, that is correct." What?? App. Wireless uses a fiber ring to provide backhaul to all of their towers, and none in my area are down. This was Oklahoma City. Going to take a breather, wait a week and try again. ~sigh~
  4. I am in a similar situation. I work in an area with native coverage but live in an area with Extended LTE. I was told there is no 50% usage rule for extended service areas. For 4 months things worked fine, but as of a couple weeks ago I no longer have access to the Extended service. I never used excessive data, was usually under 5gig (combined native and extended). Sprint support says everything should be working fine and my account has not been flagged for any reason. I am now on my 3rd support ticket as they keep closing them with no resolution. Moral of the story: service in Extended areas is not guaranteed. So when it works, things are great. But if there's a problem, beware.
  5. Network Vision/LTE - East Kentucky Market (Lexington)

    I was told today by an OKC support team member that my first ticket on this was rejected. They could not tell me the reason the first ticket was rejected. They opened another ticket. I was told that it would probably be rejected too and that there was nothing else they could do. My lines are all ok and not flagged for anything. I never used excessive data etc., etc. They can't see any reason why I am not connecting as Extended LTE via Appalachian Wireless Band 12. They offered me $20 off my bill. I have native service while at work (and kids while at school) but not having service while at home or while traveling in the local area is a complete deal breaker. Anyone experienced anything similar to this?
  6. Exactly! Now if only we see follow through with the attitude portrayed in the call. And +1 for using "cathartic."
  7. LG V30

    Can't seem to find any info on it. Noticed the signal strength indicator is more accurate now. I think it was always showing a bit false high before.
  8. LG V30

    Update just showed up for my V30+. Looks to be over 600 Mb. One of the notes said Performance updates, hoping some of the radio wackiness gets cleared up.
  9. Network Vision/LTE - East Kentucky Market (Lexington)

    No longer have Extended LTE with Appalachian Wireless on my lines. Anyone heard anything? Sprint tier 2 support (tier 3 doesn't know what Extended LTE is ) says everything should be working fine. All my phones will do is try to connect with AT&T bands 4/5 now. No band 12 connections on either android or iPhone.
  10. Pikeville, KY is showing LTE on the Sprint map update, been there twice since the change and still 3G only. Guess they're running behind a little. (KX05HO025)
  11. "even more enhancements coming soon" - He is of course referring to the entire T-Mobile coverage map becoming Extended LTE Sprint service
  12. Mobile hotspot in Extended LTE

    That's true for me. No way to tell whether roaming or on extended unless using siginalcheck or field test to see what band is being used. Phone will show Extended LTE and an R over the signal bars whether roaming or extended.
  13. LG V30

    Exactly. I really like the phone, best device I have ever owned. But the connectivity issues may be a deal killer.
  14. LG V30

    Mine seems to be having some wonky LTE issues as well. Takes its sweet time picking up LTE coming from a 1x800 signal. The iPhone picks it up right away. Cycling airplane mode will cause the V30 to pick it up, but it seems to take forever to pick up LTE on its own without a radio cycle. Also, doesn't seem to like the B41 signal at all, loves the B25 though, once connected. The HPUE experience so far has not impressed me. On a positive? note, I'm picking up 1x800 in places the iPhone simply can't. This thing hangs onto 1x like a tick on a dog. Maybe it's a phone after its time?
  15. LG V30

    B25/26 given priority over B41 by default?